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BSN, BS, BSc, AS, Undergraduate Applicants in Nursing

BSN Undergraduate Nursing Personal Statement Samples, Associates and Bachelor's Degrees, BSc Statement of Purpose Writing and Editing, BS Letters of Recommendation

My first volunteer position was a foundational pillar of my identity formation as a nurse. My job title was Cuddler, in my volunteer position with XU Health XXXX Hospital from November 2016 through the following May. Mostly, I cuddled infants going through drug withdrawal. I also read to infants in the NICU and sometimes older children as well when they had no family present. The emotional investment that I made in each and every one of them left me feeling charged, improved as a person, more whole, and sustainable. To this day, the memory of my service as a cuddler continues to drive me forward, helping me to make solid progress in the advancement of my career in Nursing.

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