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The Dominican Republic in the Nursing School Personal Statement of Purpose  

Dominican Republic Nursing Personal Statement Examples

XXXX University is my first choice for graduate study since it is the only Nurse Anesthesia Program in Utah. Last year, I applied to your program and earned a spot on the waitlist. Since then, I have retaken the GRE and modestly improved my scores. I have also finished my BSN with a 4.0 GPA. I want to stay in Utah for the sake of my family. Motherhood consumed my life alongside nursing up until recently. But now my children are older and very independent. It is now my time. My husband and I are even thinking of moving to downtown Salt Lake City so that I will have less driving time as a student at XXXX. Read More

The University of XXXX is my first choice among DNP programs for various reasons, especially because of my profound admiration for your curriculum's comprehensive and diverse content. A dedicated nursing professional and a Haitian-American woman, I plan to return to Haiti as a nursing professional periodically after earning my doctoral degree. Born in Haiti and raised in North Carolina, I am not yet fully fluent in Creole, only able to speak the basics. Thus, I am in the process of recovering and perfecting my language skill in Creole and hope to be speaking it fluently by the time I earn my DNP Degree. Read More

I am applying to your distinguished program because nothing satisfies me as much as seeing a smiling face before surgery; and the calm serenity of a confident patient following surgery. Still only 26 and with eight years of ICU nursing under my belt, my application to your competitive program is strengthened because I have served on three medical/surgical missions to the Caribbean. While I am only a beginner at learning Spanish, I am off to a perfect start. I am a universal citizen, and I strongly feel that we have a moral obligation to help suffering people outside our borders, as well as our citizens. I have my heart set on being a CRNA not just because I want the title but because I want the role. I want to be recognized for the rest of my life as the woman who is the master at taking away the pain. Read More

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