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ABSN Accelerated BSN, Helicopter Pilot

Updated: Jan 15

I have arrived at the point where my children now care for themselves. Their devoted, once-full-time mother is free to immerse herself exclusively in my studies and professional and volunteer engagement. I have given my life so far primarily to my country and my family, with training and years of experience as a helicopter pilot, and later for many more years as a military mom with my husband constantly deployed. I want to earn my ABSN Accelerated BSN at the University of XXXX to devote the rest of my life to nursing, with special attention to the underserved.

As a front-line nurse, I want to fly to disaster areas, part of medical relief teams. I have lived in the Developing World and feel most comfortable there. For three years (2006-2009), for example, I exercised a leadership role in support of minority (black) Aeta communities in rural Philippines (only approximately one-third of their children survive to adulthood). I can understand Spanish, read French, and haggle in Thai.

ABSN Accelerated BSN, Helicopter Pilot
ABSN Accelerated BSN Personal Statements

My parents are doctors and raised me to follow their example as someone who contributes to my community. My earliest memories are going with them to the hospital and learning to appreciate the profound importance of respect, dignity, and patience in a healthcare setting.

I invested the bulk of my time as a young woman piloting a helicopter for the US Navy and subsequently spent years at home and abroad working in support of Navy operations, principally in the Middle East. I feel strongly that this experience has prepared me to make valuable contributions in the future to the nursing profession, especially in disaster relief. I look forward to being accepted into the May 2015 A.B.S.N. class at the University of XXXX to learn everything I can from the most accomplished nursing teachers in South Florida, where we have our permanent home.

and I aim to work in an intensive care unit upon graduation. While I would like to continue to graduate school in Nurse Anesthesia, I am open to various other options. I look forward to your guidance at the U of XXXX concerning the formation of my long-term goals, graduate school, missions, etc. I am confident that my background as a Navy pilot will give me much to offer to an organization such as Doctors Without Borders. Trained as a soldier, I have little fear and am ready to go to places others might not be keen to go. I think most clearly in emergencies am accomplished at following established procedures in life-or-death situations.

ABSN Accelerated BSN, Helicopter Pilot
ABSN Accelerated BSN Personal Statement

My career goals are also the result of being a mother of four, an experience that has further solidified caregiving as part of my nature. I know the reward and satisfaction from opening your heart to care for others, the power of a smile, and a gentle touch. For the past 17 years, I have labored to imbue my four children with the same virtues and sense of community responsibility that my physician parents instilled in me: compassion, character, and the strength to excel in one’s contribution to society. Being accepted to your program at the University of XXXX will enable me to continue my professional engagement here in my home community with family, friends, neighbors, and professional connections that will allow me to excel in my studies.

Since I attended the information session in October at the University of XXXX, I have set my heart on your program. I look forward to being challenged to learn quickly in school and the workplace, and I thank you for considering my application to your Accelerated BSN Program.


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