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Updated: Jul 16

I am applying to enter the nursing program at XXXX because I believe it provides the finest multi-faceted program in nursing for learning how to meet the diverse mental, physical, spiritual and emotional needs of patients.

I grew up in a tiny village deep in the interior of Yemen.  Although I was only eight years old when we left there, I still remember the delightful smell of a special stew my mother made from mutton. I remember the bleating of the goats and crowing of roosters first thing in the morning. Everybody knew everybody. Now, I live in Coney Island, which is a very long way from the old country. Yemen is an extremely poor country where many people make less than $150 in a month. Right now, according to a recent article in the Yemen Times, there is an epidemic of dengue raging among the people there. I know that my background coming from Yemen and being able to speak Arabic as well as English will help me to better serve the diverse patient population in New York.

My best memories growing up are growing up with lovely and helpful brothers and sisters and parents. Some of my difficult memories are seeing the suffering and poverty in certain areas of Brooklyn. Also, New York is a big city where hardly anybody knows anybody. For foreigners who come here, it is easy to feel lonely, confused and displaced. I know how they feel because that is how my family and I felt after coming here. Going to public schools in Brooklyn was difficult, because of the language and cultural barriers. However, I feel the trying times I had growing up in a strange country, will help me empathize with the many patients from diverse backgrounds and help them feel that someone else understands what they are going through.

One of the verses in the Koran says, "A person should always seek knowledge even if they have to travel more than one million miles to receive it and after the knowledge is acquired it should be used to serve humanity." This is one of the reasons why I decided to remain here in this long journey all the way from Africa to the USA to learn more about nursing medicine.  I realize the immense value of love in making the world a better place.

Studying nursing in your program would give me the opportunity to learn and be able to use medical facilities that are sorely lacking in Yemen. It will enable me to learn how nursing is practiced here. It is my fond hope and ambition to possibly someday use the knowledge acquired here to train others in this field in Yemen.  However, I know that I must first do my best to become thoroughly competent in this field. The atmosphere at your institution includes much diversity and a cutting edge inclusive approach to nursing which will empower me to be a well rounded compassionate health care professional.

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