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BS, Bachelor Nursing, Community Health

Updated: Jan 16

Nursing Bachelors Personal Statement

I want to dedicate my life to nursing because I see us working on the front line of health care in our communities.  Nurses are also generally well respected for living a life of purpose.  I crave many new challenges and the fulfillment that results from seeing my professional passion and compassion grow due to increased responsibility in years to come.  As a nursing professional with an advanced degree, I can make increasingly valuable healthcare contributions to my community.

personal statement for the bachelors degree in nursing
BS Nursing Personal Statement

I also hope to be a community ambassador and work to educate people before they reach the point of illness.  I am looking to work with a group of professionals who seek a higher purpose that might not always be one of comfort but continues to reward our community through our big and small deeds.  When you travel to other places and compare them, you quickly recognize unequal access to education and resources everywhere.  However, we can come closer to equal distribution of healthcare resources through education.

I want to be taught by educators who have a passion for their field of study and have the compassion to educate others.  I want to attend XXXX University because it has the best academic curriculum for the nursing field in the state.

Upon receiving my credentials, I would like to secure a mentor who can share information and work with me to build the skills necessary to be effective in my community.  I want to learn the skills to build trust and share information that will be helpful and positively impact people’s lives.

By the time I was 13 years old, seeds were being planted in my family, and the idea of a good education was beginning to evolve.  I hold an undergraduate degree, but it did not come without commitment and sacrifices. I was a mother at 16, yet I pursued education because I knew this was our way to a better life.  I returned to school, got my high school diploma, and attended junior college.  When my daughter reached 10, I moved from Florida to Georgia, where I again attended night school to earn a degree in management.  In December of 2000, I secured a degree in business management from Shorter College in Rome, GA.  I am sure that if I can get a quality education now in the nursing field, I will be able to make a valuable contribution to my community as a nurse. 

My current community service project is working with AIDS XXXX. I spend one day a week working with the staff, from inbound/outbound calls to going out into the community and educating people by sharing information.  I chose to work with AIDS XXXX because they have a purpose of serving the people who most need help and are likely not to find it in other places.  

I am 100% dedicated and committed to my studies in the nursing field.  My family and I agreed that I would not work during my studies, allowing me to concentrate solely on my education.


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