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BSN Degree Personal Statement Samples

Updated: Jan 16

BSN Degree Personal Statement Samples
BSN Degree Personal Purpose Statement Examples

Your distinguished nursing program at XXXX is my first choice for study towards the BSN degree for several reasons, your explicit focus on diverse student populations, which attracts me as a Korean woman who adores diversity. At 32, deciding to become a nurse did not come easy. It has meant making a lot of sacrifices to be able to focus on my career change to nursing. I had to quit a lucrative job as an operations manager and move back into my parents’ home to devote myself full-time to nursing. I feel strongly that my background as a business professional has allowed me to learn many valuable practices and principles, which will enable me to become a highly competent nurse, especially with my organizational skills and ability to multi-task.

BSN Degree Personal Statement Samples
BSN Degree Personal Purpose Statement Sample

I also believe that the many challenges I have faced have made me a strong person who will be able to give much to nursing. Right after graduating from high school, my brother was murdered. It turned my life upside down, and to this day, it has been the most challenging thing I have endured. Yet, I also realize that life's greatest lessons come through trials and tribulations. My experiences of loss and grief contributed to my temporary academic failure due to depression and anxiety. Yet, our hardships also enable and inspire our growth as human beings. I carry this with me in everything I face. Thus, I do my best with purpose, integrity, and sincerity. Keenly aware of life's fragility, I treasure each moment and always make the most of it.

My managerial background and the wisdom that I have gained thus far as a career professional provide me with many resources that will be helpful to my career in nursing. I have met many types of people and have come to excel at teamwork and professional networking.

I have chosen to pursue nursing as a career change from my current professional role as an operations manager because I have a job and want a vocation. I have been working extremely hard to fulfill the requirements for entrance into your program because of my incredible, passionate drive to care for the needy and sheer joy and fulfillment. I am a young Korean woman whose great passion for nursing has deep roots in many facets of my life, not the least of which is my profound religious faith as a Christian. My Christian inspiration and career goals fit nicely hand in hand. I look forward to making nursing my Christian mission to the Developing World and going on annual medical missions for the rest of my life.

BSN Degree Personal Statement Samples
BSN Degree Personal Purpose Statement Samples

I want to spend my life caring for the needy with no thought of selfish gain because I seek joy and fulfillment that result in authentic happiness. My church is extensively involved in, sponsoring, and participating in medical missions to the Global South. This stands at the center of my own personal and world vision. “Giving back” provides me with the greatest happiness. As a nurse, going on annual medical missions with other members of my Church to developing countries annually will become the most significant triumph and celebration of my life, my most outstanding achievement.

The missions supported by my church have a great need for the participation of qualified medical professionals to travel to Developing countries where many people lack even the most basic medical care. With the education and professional knowledge, I will gain through my experience of becoming a nurse in the United States, I wish to give back beyond borders to those in other parts of the world with limited access to medical care. It is our nature to do the most we can in helping others on both a micro and macro scale, making as much positive difference as possible in people’s lives.

I look forward to working with the elderly, especially those with estranged relationships or little to no family left. When my grandmother suffered a stroke and was in the hospital for several weeks, it broke my heart to see many elderly sick and alone. I want to care for them during their final days and do everything possible to keep them as comfortable and happy as possible.

Upon graduating from nursing school, my ideal job would be to work in the hospital for a few years to discover from my many experiences which area I want to specialize in for further study. Ten years from now, I hope to have made a significant contribution to society as a nursing professional, touching the lives of many patients and aiding in their recovery to the extent to which that is possible.

In retrospect, I see now that caregiving was always a definitive part of my nature. I felt most alive when I provided for others in need. As a child of immigrants in a foreign world, I had to grow up quickly and take on many responsibilities early. My parents worked 14-hour shifts at a clothing factory to make ends meet, leaving my brother and me to care for the house and look after one another at an early age. While my older brother gave me a sense of security, I took on the nurturing and caregiving role. Whenever my brother got sick, I cared for him like my mother did. I cooked and cleaned when my mother was ill, helping ease the load. When my father suffered an accident and could not walk for weeks, I tended to his needs and assisted my mother in nursing him back to health.

Thus, I learned the inexplicable rewarding satisfaction of caring for others and putting my needs aside. Although I did not know it then, it set the cornerstone for who I would become for the rest of my life.

Thank you sincerely for considering my application.


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