BSN Nursing, African-American, Native-American, Mexican, and Puerto Rican

Updated: Nov 17

I could not feel more at home with the vast diversity that characterizes the nursing profession in the USA. In fact, I like to think of myself as something of a symbol of diversity in Nursing since I am multiracial: African-American, Native-American, Mexican, and Puerto Rican. I could not be more devoted to Nursing and even spend much of my free time reading about health care in general and Nursing in particular.

XXXX University is my first choice for advanced study towards the BSN Degree in Nursing because of the convenience and sheer excellence of your program. I recently had the opportunity to visit your campus and could not have been more favorably impressed. I very much look forward to beginning my studies in Nursing at XXXX next year.

After finishing high school 4 years ago, I first earned a diploma as a Medical Assistant in 2015 and I am currently earning my AAS at Los Angeles Pacific University. I hope to begin your program next year working towards my BSN and preparing myself for proceeding on to graduate school. Last year, 2017, I became a foster parent, taking in my 11-year-old cousin because his mother is fighting cancer and chronic COPD. In addition to my studies, I work at a medical/surgical center and also volunteer at an elementary school. I keenly look forward to first becoming a registered nurse and then a nurse practitioner. With a longstanding, special interest in health and beauty, I also hope to eventually begin my own cosmetic line, insuring that all of the products that I carry promote the natural health of the skin.

I have the upmost passion for Nursing; and I am convinced that my almost 3 years of experience as a medical assistant will help me to excel as a nurse. I have worked alongside many different specialists such as neurologists, gynecologists, etc., and I've assisted with many different surgeries, including lumbar spine laser surgery and upper and lower endoscopies. My number one interest is making sure that my patient is comfortable and well informed and participating in the decisions being made.

Growing up as a member of a large family that always had to struggle to make ends meet, I am a humble woman and a hard worker who greatly values what she has achieved so far in life. Staying positive and staying in school was never easy, growing up without a stable family life, constantly moving from apartment to motel and back to another apartment throughout my childhood; this made it quite an accomplishment for me to graduate from high school in 2014 and begin studying to become a Medical Assistant.

In 2015, I then began an externship at a surgical institute in the Marina del Rey area. After my first month, they hired me, and I have been here ever since. I enjoy having full custody of and being a mother to my son, my cousin’s child, who she is unable to care for. My goal is to be there for him and guide him in the right direction, making sure he knows that his voice matters and that in the end love always triumphs over hate.

I thank you for considering my application to Nursing at XXXX University.

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