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Career Change MSN-FNP, Chiropractor to Nurse

A practicing chiropractor for more than 20 years, I treat patients ranging in age from infants to almost 100 years old. I also make appropriate referrals to other health care providers by providing hands-on care, physiotherapy, nonpharmacologic pain relief, and patient education. I consider myself fortunate to have treated multiple generations of several families, often in collaboration with other providers; PCPs, orthopedists, neurologists, ´physiatrists, physical therapists, and mental health professionals. I did not feel that pursuing further advanced study in Chiropractic would significantly change or improve the type or level of care I could provide to my patients. Thus, I became an EMT/paramedic to arm myself with the required skills to offer better care to injured sports players since I was acting as a team chiropractor then. It was during this phase of my career that I realized that Nursing and Chiropractic go hand in hand, especially in terms of patient-centered care, patient advocacy, teaching, and patient education – empowering the patient to make positive changes in their lifestyle and to become active partners and decision-makers in their care. On a deeply personal note, as a member of the LGBT community, I have witnessed firsthand some of the disparities and prejudices in our healthcare system when it comes to providing care to this minority group in particular, and further training in nursing will enable me to advance the level of care that I can provide to them.

After thoroughly researching MSN-FNP programs, I have decided that my first choice is XXXX University. I own my private practice, and the ability to study at my convenience would be beneficial. I concluded that the program at XXXX University offers solid didactic education and clinical rotations that will challenge and expand my knowledge so that I can provide my patient with the best health care possible. I aim to become a knowledgeable, safe, compassionate, and effective provider to all my patients. I appreciate XXXX’s emphasis on theoretical and pragmatic knowledge and maintaining an environment of equality, inclusivity, and patient-centered care for all populations, irrespective of their social, ethnic, and financial backgrounds. The values of XXXX sync incredibly well with my professional, academic, and personal goals. Simmons’ focus on teamwork, collaboration, innovation, and entrepreneurship has also prompted me to apply to the university.

I could not be more confident that becoming an FNP is the best way for me to serve my patients in the future. I have been passionately working in the healthcare industry for over two decades; I now want to prepare to maximize my contribution for the next 2-3 decades, not just as a chiropractor but also as an FNP. Becoming a family nurse practitioner would equip me with advanced skills and familiarize me with the state-of-the-art tools and techniques employed in the industry these days. There is a shortage of primary care providers (PCPs), and many people have difficulty accessing the immediate care needed to maintain their health. I aim to do what I can to address this massive problem.

The Nursing Program at XXXX would provide a strong knowledge base and broaden my academic horizons, giving me a solid foundation in the clinical expertise I need to become an incredibly efficient and compassionate FNP. I have always dreamed of initiating and managing patients’ treatment plans, diagnosing and prescribing medication, and focusing on disease prevention and health management. Becoming an FNP will allow me to expand my practice scope and offer more comprehensive care. Even though I have my practice and have been working with a wide variety of patients across all age groups, I feel that I have reached a stagnation stage where my growth is limited. I have also met several patients who come to me in acute pain from an injury. While I can provide chiropractic care, I often need to make a referral to urgent care or their primary care provider for pharmacological support.

The care I can currently provide to patients over 65, for example, is limited by Medicare guidelines that do not allow doctors or chiropractors to order x-rays, CTs, or MRIs. I must refer patients to their primary care provider or urgent care to get those tests. Therefore, I have to defer or limit patient care until I have x-rays to make a diagnosis and formulate a safe and effective treatment plan for them. These limitations would be eliminated once I become an FNP, taking tests and providing the patient with care on the same visit instead of scheduling several visits with multiple providers. In my 24-year-long career, it has not been uncommon for me to meet patients who have not had a physical examination in years. Once I start their history and physical examination, I often discover an unrelated and hitherto hidden health condition, two prime examples being hypertension and diabetes. These are two conditions, in particular, that I would be able to quickly address as an FNP. I have also met several patients suffering from chronic pain due to degenerative conditions. While conservative non-pharmacologic care can help relieve symptoms and help the patient to maintain their quality of life, they would also benefit from other forms of care that, as an FNP, I could provide to them, rather than having to refer them to a medical provider. With this advanced degree, I will be able to provide better care and enhance my contribution to the health and quality of life of my patients and community. A warm and friendly person, I also look forward to learning from some of my peers at XXXX, nurses from all over the world with whom to share experiences, in addition to learning from the distinguished faculty at XXXX.

I thank you for considering my application to the FNP Program at XXXX

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