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CRNA Personal Statement Samples, BSN-DNP, Published, Christian

Updated: Jan 15

XXXX University’s Nurse Anesthesia Program, the BSN-DNP Track, is my first choice for graduate education, leading to the practice of Nurse Anesthesia as a CRNA. Now a licensed RNFA with certifications in CNOR and CCRN, I also have three manuscripts published in peer-reviewed journals and approximately two years of full-time experience in surgical ICU - 10 years total as a nurse. Previously, I served in the operating room. I am especially interested in and looking forward to assisting with research into opioid-free anesthesia techniques and their effects on post-op pain – hopefully as a graduate student in Nurse Anesthesia at XXXX University.

I look forward to increasingly making room in my schedule for attention to the needs of the underserved in my community here in the USA and going on medical missions to areas where nurses are in greatest need. As a profoundly Christian woman, I see nursing as God’s work. I approach it and live it with this intensity. Nowhere do I feel this more clearly and passionately than I do about going on missions to disaster areas, helping refugees, etc. Serving as a CRNA in support of surgeons going in after a hurricane or tornado has devastated a place would be my epiphany.

CRNA, BSN-DNP, Published, Christian
CRNA Personal Statement Samples

I enjoy nothing more than reading nursing journals and always make a priority effort to stay up to date on the latest evidence-based practice. I hope to publish more articles in the future that are anesthesia related. I want to become more advanced and proficient in central line placement and nerve blocks for pain control. My ideal job would be to use all my skills and engage with a wide variety of patients and procedures for my nursing lifetime.

My nursing experiences have helped me mature and grow enormously as a human being and a nurse. Since I first became a registered nurse first assistant, my passion for Nurse Anesthesia and my dream of becoming a CRNA have grown in intensity. I seek to advance my career and become an outstanding, autonomous, provider. I started in the surgical ICU at XXXX University - a level 2 trauma center - already experienced in the OR, my hands-on knowledge of surgical procedures helped me immensely in my transition to the ICU and continuing to grow. I now serve as an educational leader and mentor for my peers.

CRNA, BSN-DNP, Published, Christian
CRNA Personal Statement Service

I have obtained specialty certifications in critical care and the operating room (CCRN & CNOR). I participate in a voluntary clinical advancement program known as the RISE program at my current facility. This program promotes education, leadership, innovation, and volunteer service to reward highly motivated individuals and promote professional growth. In less than a year, I achieved the highest tier possible in this program, finishing my last 60 hours of coursework with a 3.9 average.

To develop a more in-depth awareness of the nurse anesthetist role, I have spent over 40 hours formally shadowing CRNAs, further solidifying my aspiration. The pressure and challenges of the intensive care environment push me to my fullest potential, and I love it. Serving as an integral team member in the OR environment is where I most want to be, and I want to play a vital role, always on the front line battling for the best outcomes for my patients.

My intense desire to learn and advance my leadership and expertise in nursing drives me forward. I crave the rigors of working towards the DNP at XXXX, and I feel confident that I will be able to excel and distinguish myself because I will make your program my top priority, second only to my patients. I want to be pushed to the limits of my ability to become the best CRNA.

I am confident that I will quickly gain the skills and knowledge base to lay a solid foundation for my professional future as a successful CRNA candidate and future CRNA. I hope to have the chance to show how highly motivated I am, making my next move to XXXX University’s Nurse Anesthesia Program.

Thank you for taking the time to review my application.


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