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CRNA, ICU, 500 Words

Updated: Jan 25

I am highly motivated to become a CRNA because this is where I find my greatest joy, making my maximum contribution to patient care as a nurse. Each day, I cannot wait to walk into the ICU, the center of my world, family, and calling. I measure my success in terms of the extent to which I can contribute to the team in the ICU and especially our patients.

With 7.5 years of ICU experience, I have served as a Critical Care Registered Nurse since June 2017, earning certifications in BLS, ACLS, and PALS. After first becoming an RN, I accepted an RN Residency Program position with the XXXX Medical Center in Austin, TX, training as a Staff Nurse in the ICU, caring for patients with a wide variety of conditions: severe sepsis, acute renal failure, and CVVHDF, pneumonia, and ARDS: rot prone therapy, ventilator support and ABG management, DKA/HHNK, alcohol withdrawal, and post-surgery patients requiring the use of lumbar drains and neurological surgeries requiring extra-ventricular drains.

I am unique insofar as I spent seven years advocating for cancer patients before becoming a nurse, providing me with the fundamental skills and background to excel as a leader. As an advocate, I only made referrals: I became a nurse to care for people myself. I am thankful for that early exposure, which has helped me excel as a mentor and precept for new graduate nurses, even experienced nurses new to the ICU, and a trainer for advanced devices such as Impella.

Keenly loyal to my Alma Mater, XXXX Community College (ACC), I hope to respond to a particular need that they face. Few community colleges have been approved to offer a 4-year nursing degree. To do so, they need doctorate-prepared teachers. I plan to make excellent use of the doctorate I earn at XXXX University by teaching at ACC, since they primarily serve underserved communities, minorities, the undocumented, LGBTQ, etc.

I have chosen my principal challenge, distinguishing myself as a student of Nurse Anesthesia at XXXX University. As a survivor of a dysfunctional home with parents immersed in a religious cult, my zeal for nursing is exceptionally high because of the lack of everyday family life. For me, nursing is everything, even on emotional and intellectual levels.

ACC helped me to catch up with what I missed earlier on. Nursing gave me a vocation, a cause, and it has become my reason for being. ACC was the first Community College in Texas approved to offer a program for RNs to earn their BSN Degree, and I will complete mine soon, in May of 2021. All of this was at a price that was accessible to those of us who had no parental or other support and for whom traditional college tuition was out of reach.

Thank you for considering my application to Nurse Anesthesia at XXXX University.

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