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CRNA School, Motherhood, Career Advancement to Nurse Anesthesia

Updated: May 11

XXXX University is my first choice for graduate study since it is the only Nurse Anesthesia Program in Utah. I applied to your program last year and earned a spot on the waitlist. Since then, I have retaken the GRE and modestly improved my scores. I have also finished my BSN with a 4.0 GPA. I want very much to stay in Utah for the sake of my family. Motherhood consumed my life alongside nursing up until recently. But now my children are older and very independent. It is now my time. My husband and I are even thinking of moving to downtown Salt Lake City so that I will have less driving time as a student at XXXX.

Nothing in my life can compare—except for the possible exception of the birth of my children—with the sheer joy that I felt last May, 2015, when I was given an Honors Award from the state of Utah in recognition of my outstanding service as a nurse. This award focused not only on the positive impact that I have had on my patients and coworkers, but also on my humanitarian work. I have been working full time as a nurse since 1998. Since 2007, I have been serving at the center of the action as a Charge Nurse for my hospital’s Intensive Care Unit. Throughout all this time in ICU, I have kept the closest eye on the CRNA, noting carefully his or her duties, strengths, techniques, etc. This is because I have known for some time that this is my destiny.

I grew up in Utah in a family with eight children; my father is a physician assistant. I currently live in the mountains near Salt Lake City and settled in this area to care for my mom who is dying of cancer. My son, 24, is also a nurse who shares my goal of becoming a CRNA. My daughter, 22, is finishing up her BSN. And as if there were not already enough nurses in the family, my youngest daughter is in her first semester of college with aspirations of also becoming a nurse and eventually a CRNA. My husband is a family practice physician who gets to dabble in the ER and endoscopy. I also have a beautiful grandson who is eight months old. Around our dinner table, family outings, even quiet time in the living room, we talk a lot about medicine, nursing care, and especially anesthesia.

My husband and I have gone together on medical missions to Africa, the Dominican Republic, and Haiti. We took our son with us to Haiti and all three of our children have accompanied us on medical missions to the Dominican Republic. In Haiti, we were met at the top of the mountain by villagers who carried our supplies down with donkeys. We ran a clinic for seven days from sun up till sundown. People hiked in from all around the area some even traveling most of the night to wait in line the entire day hoping to be seen. Many of the children where anemic, malnourished, and frequently suffering from severe scabies as well. One day, while covering a small boy who was very ill with the scabies cream, I noticed a large abscess on his thigh. We were able to drain the abscess but had to pack it in order for it to continue to drain. We treated the child with antibiotics and Tylenol to reduce his fever and were able to convince his brother to bring him back for several days for continued antibiotic treatment and repacking of the wound. This boy carried his younger brother miles each way to be treated. On his third return visit, he presented us with fresh fruit that he had picked from a tree in order to thank us.

The above story is exemplary of many special moments that I have enjoyed alongside my husband on medical missions. I look forward to many more decades to come going on missions as a CRNA. It is for this reason that I am making time on a regular basis to improve my conversational and especially medical Spanish.

I thank you for considering my re-application to your CRNA Program at XXXX.

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