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CRNA, US Navy Service, Education, Volunteerism

Updated: Jan 15

CRNA, US Navy Service, Education, Volunteerism
CRNA, US Navy Service Personal Statement Sample

The seriousness with which I have approached my education, volunteerism, decorated military service, and two decades of practical clinical experience is evidence of my desire to take my nursing career as far as possible. Excelling in my nursing courses at XXXX University, and earning a near-perfect GPA, was made possible through arduous work, coupled with a solid foundation in mixed gas diving, a path beginning in the US Navy, where I served as an explosive ordinance diver. My mixed gas background will aid me tremendously in understanding the physics and chemistry of anesthesia, the biomedical instrumentation/devices used to administer them, the more theoretical nurse anesthesia curriculum, and clinically helpful mathematics. In the most practical terms, years of experience in hospital situations and diving have developed my ability to not panic under pressure and proceed methodically and confidently.

CRNA, US Navy Service, Education, Volunteerism
CRNA, US Navy Service Personal Statement Samples

My clinical experiences have been diverse, enjoyable, and relevant to my development as a medical professional. I became more flexible and adaptable with various setups, learning to think on my feet. Throughout this time, I have accumulated specialty certifications: CCRN, CSC, ACLS instructor, PALS instructor, and BLS. I keep abreast of the latest evidence-based science in nursing, always seeking to enhance my theoretical understanding of what I encounter daily.

These past seven years of service at XXXX Hospital as a Surgical Technician and Agency RN working in surgery and critical care settings have allowed me to learn from the presence of CRNAs. I was intrigued by the goal-oriented approach of the CRNAs and their rigorous training and working schedules.

I get tremendous satisfaction from tipping the scales in favor of the patient in delicate situations, using my skills, education, and passion for teamwork to save a life. Coupled with this is my desire to make my patients as comfortable as possible, if not completely pain-free. I love the intensity of the ICU working environment.

CRNA, US Navy Service, Education, Volunteerism
CRNA, US Navy Service Personal Statement Example

I envision completing a DNP program, teaching Nurse Anesthesia, and helping to fill the needs of the nursing industry. I intend to give back to the community as a volunteer throughout my career. Medical professionals must be responsible to the community as role models and leaders, promoting healthy lifestyle choices and contributing to worthy social causes.

Through an academic relationship with XXXX, I will develop much further, giving my energy and clinical expertise to the most unique, autonomous, challenging, and rewarding nursing field. Your time and consideration are appreciated.


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