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DNP CRNA, Woman Nurse from Pakistan

Updated: Jan 15

The Doctor of Nurse Anesthesia Practice Degree Program at the University of Kansas is my first choice for graduate school because of its sheer excellence and location. I especially admire the hands-on character of your focus with a rapid introduction to OR instruction in only the second semester. I had a wonderful shadow experience at KUMC with a student SRNA, meeting and learning from several faculty members. I was enormously impressed by how Dr. XXXX personally answered all my questions. Dr. XXXX was gracious enough to advise me extensively on XU’s most outstanding DNP Program. Finally, the program coordinator Miss. XXXX emailed me back in response to every question promptly and in detail.

I am financially prepared for this program and have the complete support of my family. I've been employed full-time as a nurse for five years, and my experience includes working in ICU, CVICU, and Kidney Transplants. As a woman from Pakistan, I bring a unique knowledge of other cultures. I pride myself on my compassion and caregiving nature. Multilingual and multicultural, I relate well to patients from all levels of society. I also have a degree in information technology, which has helped me to excel at the technical aspects of nursing.

DNP CRNA, Woman Nurse from Pakistan
DNP Statement of Purpose Nurse Anesthesia

I come from a family that includes four siblings who are doctors, two are surgeons, another is a cardiologist, and yet another is an internist. With my late father’s help and his contacts, we raised enough money to establish a ten-bed free hospital for the underserved in our hometown of Swabi, Pakistan. Last year two of my siblings began offering free general surgeries that people couldn't afford.

I’ve prepared for graduate school in Nurse Anesthesia for three years at XU. I gained critical care experience and finished my BSN and the prerequisite courses required for this program. I have been very inspired by working in CVICU alongside CRNAs and Anesthesiologists attending open-heart surgeries,

DNP CRNA, Woman Nurse from Pakistan
DNP Statement of Purpose Examples, Professional Writing Help

My father passed away in 2010. We lost him to COPD, even though he had received top-notch care throughout his illness. This resulted in my learning a great deal about the struggle against COPD. I have become engaged with initiatives to assist COPD patients who cannot afford medical care. One of the pulmonologists at the hospital where I work is extremely passionate about COPD and involved in efforts to help on a community level to prevent this disease and comfort those suffering. He regularly sponsors free COPD clinics in Tulsa and hopes to find the support to start a permanent operation. I look forward to helping. I have also volunteered at our local AIDS clinic.


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