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DNP, Chief Medical Officer, Quality Assurance

Updated: Jan 15

Throughout my professional lifetime, I have hoped, at some point, to have the opportunity to pursue and earn a DNP. I keenly look forward to learning all that I can about evidence-based practices and patient care. As the Chief Medical Officer of All for Health, Health for All (AFH), a federally qualified health center, I oversee the management of thirteen clinical locations. I manage clinical operations and ensure that patients receive the highest standard of medical care. I also establish and modify health care standards and protocols for each service described in AFH’s policies, helping to implement several federal initiatives that are especially critical for patient care and safety.

To keep the institution that I serve current, certified, and entirely in line with FTCA regulations, I implement appropriate policies and procedures to reduce the risk of malpractice or other lawsuits arising from our practice of health and health-related functions performed at our center. I also must ensure that my employer’s ongoing healthcare and risk management program is followed to reduce the risk of adverse outcomes that could result in medical malpractice litigation.

DNP, Chief Medical Officer, Quality Assurance
DNP Statement of Purpose

While I am adept at multitasking on various projects, I recognize that there are times when I must stop multitasking and focus on one project, such as the FTCA, when faced with a rapidly approaching deadline. My work for AFH demonstrates how I possess a character with focus, determination, and integrity; consistently achieving the professional goals I set for myself. These qualities will help sustain me throughout my DNP studies, hopefully at XXXX, and propel me to distinguish myself as a doctoral student in your program.

I aspire to leadership, and this comes at a cost. While my aspirations are born from strength and dominate my life, they also take up my time and fill me with a sense of achievement. My greatest weakness is that I am so myopically professional that I might appear boring to some. My leadership duties include supervising the development, implementation, and operation of our Risk Minimization and Quality Assurance Programs and regularly presenting reports on health and quality assurance matters to the Board, as determined by the CEO. In addition, I supervise and maintain the competency and quality of all clinicians and clinical support services and participate in the periodic review of practice management functions, such as telephone triage, patient flow, outreach services, laboratory, pharmacy, follow-up on missed appointments, and referral tracking.

DNP, Chief Medical Officer, Quality Assurance
DNP Statement of Purpose

Today, an increasing hospital readmission rate is one of our biggest challenges. We need to develop better guidelines and protocols to avoid patient re-admission. Therefore, I would like to focus my DNP project on this issue. I am also interested in “Improving Provider Adherence to Clinical Guidelines,” “Providing Special Education to Patients on Preventive Screenings,” and “Negative Effects of Polypharmacy in Elderly Patients.”

By researching methods for decreasing hospital readmission rates, I will be able to make significant contributions to keeping healthcare costs under control and, at the same time, improving patient outcomes, especially for the elderly. As Chief Medical Officer of a massive Federally Qualified Health Center, I meet with Hospital Administrators and Health Plan Quality Directors to discuss our shared goals on healthcare issues. I see a great deal of opportunity for improvement in facility management, provision of delivered care, and achieving increasingly successful patient outcomes. I look forward to giving my all to balancing my professional life and the many decades to come of lifelong education.

I chose XXXX for its rigorous curriculum in brick-and-mortar classrooms and online settings. The XXXX School of Nursing has an exceptionally well-qualified faculty, many of whom have earned national and international reputations for excellence. I appreciate, for example, how a full half of faculty members are fellows in the prestigious American Academy of Nursing. In addition, my doctoral study at XXXX will prepare me to make significant contributions to clinical settings, positively impacting hospitals in my community: and improving the quality of overall patient care. Since my goal is to reduce hospital readmissions, especially for elderly patients, the doctoral program at XXXX will provide me with the optimal platform for enhancing my management, organizational, and clinical skills.

I hold monthly Quality Improvement meetings, quarterly meetings with providers, and quality and compliance meetings with the Board. Furthermore, I advocate on behalf of AFH and serve as a liaison to local and state professional societies, health officials, organizations, and health training institutions.

Currently, I am working towards becoming credentialed as a Patient-Centered Medical Home (PCMH) content expert, and I am navigating National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA) recognition processes for twelve Federally Qualified Health Care Centers owned by my employer, AFH. Over the past three years, I have also worked with the Los Angeles Practice Transformation Network (LAPTN). LAPTN is part of a national CMS program to prepare value-based payments, avoid penalties, improve practice operations and patient care, and receive higher reimbursements by attaining better scores for measured clinical improvements. This year, one of my goals in my workplace is to obtain Federal Tort Claims Act (FTCA) certification. I believe that a DNP degree will enable me to move up to the next level in healthcare management and serve the needs of low-income patients in my community more effectively.

I had the pleasure of talking over the phone with Mrs. XXXX, who artfully responded at length to all my questions after having extensively reviewed the DNP program's curriculum. Following our conversation, she emailed me regarding some points we discussed, the key differences between the DNP and Ph.D. programs, examples of DNP scholarly projects, and a map of DNP courses and essentials. I then emailed Dr. XXXX regarding my interest in conducting graduate research on reducing hospital admission rates, especially among the elderly, and I look forward to her reply. With guidance and mentoring from outstanding faculty such as those at XXXX, I will be optimally equipped to improve delivered care and patient outcomes.


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