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DNP Family Nursing Practice, COVID-19

Updated: Jan 15

I hope to meet the advanced nursing role component for XXU’s DNP Program with a close examination of the relationship between preventive care on the one hand and family practice nursing on the other. I keenly look forward to decades to come serving as a Family Nurse DNP, constant, lifelong learning from the doctors with whom I work and our nursing community. My particular focus will always be on prevention and incorporating prevention into and alongside our other treatment strategies. Given how XXU’s DNP Program is noted for its powerful Family Practice component, I am drawn to your rigorous program like a moth to the flame.

Especially as the novel COVID-19 became a pandemic, I came to think of nursing as more of a crusade than an employment position. I have thrived on its intensity, bringing out the best in me as it has done with most coworkers. With COVID-19, the link between awareness and strategy became a life-or-death issue for hundreds of thousands; I take this very seriously, to the bone, occupying a principal place in my heart. I want to contribute to preventive medicine.

DNP Family Nursing Practice, COVID-19
DNP Statement of Purpose

My goal is to practice state-of-the-art, preventive-focused, Family Practice Nursing. Once I am near the top level of achievement possible in nursing, I will seek to stay there for as long as possible. I have many decades of full-time service and leadership ahead of me, centered on my professional passion and love for my community. In my career as a bedside nurse, the percentage of my patients who suffer from a lack of preventive care is staggering. My patients always find themselves chronically ill due to the wrong lifestyle choices made long ago and, more generally than not, sustained until the disease has already begun to win the battle. Now that one month of death follows another of COVID-19 with America leading the world, I feel I have grown enormously and become much stronger than I ever imagined. I have hit my stride, found a new permanent normal, a way of thinking that I believe will serve me well for a long time to come as a leader in Nursing, fighting the children of COVID-19 and the other biological perils that in all likelihood will continue to present themselves in an increasingly fragile and vulnerable, world, fed and exacerbated by climate change and pollution.

DNP Family Nursing Practice, COVID-19
DNP Statement of Purpose Examples, Help, Editing

I seek the entire understanding possible of how viruses and bacteria are spread and the best ways to prevent that from happening, all in the context of a model of continual care over the lifespan of a patient. My experience as a nurse for two-and-a-half years has made me skilled at educating people about how to avoid heart failure, due to lifestyle changes. In this sense, I am a nurse on a mission. I cultivate patience assiduously and attentiveness to any changes in patient conditions. This became especially critical with COVID-19, as we saw that patients could reach oxygen saturation within the upper nineties while on supplemental oxygen via nasal cannula, for example. Still, that level could suddenly drop within minutes. I want to be one of those DNP nurses with the knowledge and ability to look at current evidence-based practice with a critical eye for improvement. XXU is known for its core values of integrity, social justice, commitment and responsiveness, patient-centered care, and the promotion of research in all these areas. I appreciate how the faculty nurtures their nurses into being the best and expressing the school's core values. I am pleased to have taken a few courses at XXU and enjoyed working with an admissions counselor.

I thank you for considering my application to Family Nursing at XXU.


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