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DNP Nursing Anesthesia, African, ICU

Updated: Jan 16

Having spent the last two years working as a Nurse Clinician IM in an Intensive Care Unit, I have become highly adept at learning and fulfilling numerous supporting roles as a professional nurse working under pressure, with life tittering on the brink with each decision. I thrive in this environment due to hard work and profound dedication. Studying for the DNP Degree in Nurse Anesthesia at the XXXX School is the right move, so I might have total long-term satisfaction as a nursing professional dedicated to serving my patients. I enjoy caring for patients with complex medical conditions, especially employing lifesaving, high-tech interventions such as Blackmores, ventilators/oscillators, arterial lines, Folan Therapy, Swan-Ganz catheters/PICCO, etc. I also find deep contentment in direct contact with patients and their families, offering professional counseling and emotional support.

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Perhaps what most sustains me through a long shift, in addition to the appreciation of the patients, is my love for teamwork and the reward that I get from giving my all to the goals of our interdisciplinary team at XXXX Hospital - as we struggle each day to honor our vision and meet our purposes of providing exceptional health care services to our patients. As a nurse, I feel the pain and suffering surrounding me. This is why I am most professionally attracted to the long-term goal of attaining certification as a CRNA. I see pain control as the single-most fundamental aspect of acute care, and I wish to devote my life to the perfection of practice in this area. My diligence, compassion, good cheer, and unfailing dedication to my work make me a strong candidate for your program.

I moved to the United States nine years ago at 18 from my native Cameroon; I take pride in being an African American in the Nursing field and enjoy serving as a caring, hard-working role model, especially for other African American men. I also plan to make volunteer trips to Cameroon at least once every two years, using the skills I acquired in your program and, later, to help needy hospitals needing well-trained anesthetists. I feel strongly that my devotion to pain relief, making acute sufferers as comfortable as possible, has assumed center stage in my career aspirations. I look forward to the intensive study of how pain relief is provided in various healthcare settings.

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My greatest assets are my positive outlook on life and a keen sense of responsibility—my most significant gifts are my compassion and my sheer love for helping others. Some of my fondest memories here in America have been volunteering with Our Daily Bread of Baltimore, organizing annual winter coat drives for the city’s homeless people. Most of all, my experience as a nurse in the medical ICU at XXXX hospital has fully formed what I am today, thankful for the privilege of caring for critically sick patients. I constantly improve my critical thinking skills and perform with the highest proficiency under pressure.

I believe in lifelong education and commitment to giving something back to one’s community of origin. My long-term goal is to obtain a post-graduate degree in Nursing Education and return to Cameroon to become an instructor in maternal anesthesia. Through my education and practice, I hope to someday contribute not only to the lives of many here in America but laboring until old age at the colossal task of helping build solid and sustainable foundations for advancing health care in Africa.


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