DNP Personal Statement, Holistic, Acute Care, Underserved, Spanish

Updated: Jul 26

Your DNP Program at XXXX College is my first choice for graduate school because of the sheer excellence of your program and the fact that I live not far away. Still only 22, I am proud of the way in which I have distinguished myself in three areas in particular. I completed my BSN Degree with a 4.0 GPA, simultaneously giving my all as a volunteer in a variety of positions of service to my community. I have also become fluent in Spanish, the language that is spoken by increasing numbers of the medically underserved in Wisconsin.

The hospital I work at is located on the South Side of Milwaukee which has a large Hispanic population. Because of this, many of my patients are Latino and some are Spanish-speaking only. My Spanish skills have allowed me to break down language barriers and interact more effectively with many of my patients, thus allowing me to provide safer and much more effective nursing care. My interest in outreach and care for minority communities is not limited to Latinos however, since the community breast health events that I helped to organize and operate were specifically designed to attract the attention of low-income African-American as well as Hispanic women.

Many of the events we hosted were in Hispanic neighborhoods in Milwaukee, and I was able to put my Spanish to very good use at the events, serving as an interpreter on several occasions for women in desperate need of medical attention. I took Spanish classes from the 3rd through the 12th grade and my uncle, an immigrant from Panama, helped me a great deal. Learning Spanish in school enhanced my bond with my uncle and we have always been very close. He also inspired my love for Hispanic culture generally speaking, food, music, dancing, etc. The smell of simmering lentils, rice, and fried plantains are among my earliest memories.

I excelled at research as an undergraduate and presented my findings to Wisconsin state legislators in the Capitol as part of an effort to promote funding for undergraduate research. I am also published in a national nursing journal. In the future, I hope to engage in extensive research and publish about emotional fatigue among critical care nurses as well as ICU delirium.

My center of gravity is the provision of holistic nursing care, treating each and every one of my patients as a unique individual and taking the time to truly listen to my patients. I always learn critical details about my patients’ backgrounds so as to develop a fuller understanding of their challenges and the resources that might aid them in their recovery. I am committed to continuity of care, ensuring that patients remain well after they are discharged from the hospital. As a graduate student and beyond, I plan to contribute to our growing body of literature in nursing dedicated to improving health outcomes and work to address health care disparities, providing equal treatment to all regardless of race, income level, religion, or sexual orientation. I look forward to many decades of full time service as an NP in an ICU, Mentoring RNs, and perhaps at some point serving as a clinical instructor for undergraduate nursing students.

Due to my experience as a critical care nurse and my engagement in nursing research, I believe I possess the strong critical thinking skills necessary to excel as an acute care nurse practitioner. My problem-solving abilities gleaned through critical care nursing and research will diagnose patients accurately, formulate treatment plans, prescribe interventions, and evaluate their effectiveness. I believe my extensive experience working as an RN provides me with the communication skills necessary to effectively collaborate with other healthcare professionals as a member of the interdisciplinary team.

I thank you for considering my application to XXXX.

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