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Entry Level FNP, Public Health, Armenian, Russian

Updated: Jan 15

I want to become a nurse and build my career in nursing. My undergraduate degree is in Public Health, inspiring me to a career in nursing. My current internship as a Nurse’s Assistant has also motivated me to excel as a nurse and feel confident that nursing is my professional destiny. I appreciate XXXX’s focus on cultivating and enjoying a culturally diverse world. I look forward to contributing to the diversity of your program as an Armenian-American woman and a native speaker of Russian as well as Armenian.

Entry Level FNP, Public Health, Armenian, Russian
Entry Level FNP, Public Health Nursing Personal Statement

I am attracted to the solid reputation of your university and the vast resources of Southern California. XXXU is where I am the best fit and most likely to excel. I am an independent worker and thinker who is highly motivated without supervision. Thus, your online program is ideal so that I can continue to work full-time and gain additional experience in my field—a complete immersion experience in nursing. I am attracted to your Nursing Department’s vision of our profession as an art and a science, involving liberal studies and scientific preparation. I also appreciate that XXXU has a well-respected, nationally recognized program with graduates in demand. I hope to continue to study at XXXU straight through your post-Masters FNP Program, taking advantage of your in-house application process. I appreciate that graduates of XXXU are given priority consideration.

Entry Level FNP, Public Health, Armenian, Russian
Entry Level FNP, Public Health Personal Statement

I see my choice of nursing as part of my immigration experience to America. Coming to America from my native Armenia at the age of 16 represented a great challenge, and I focused on nursing early on as a goal and a way to give something back to my new country. Now twenty-five, what pleases me most is how I think of myself as a global citizen. I have always wanted to become a healthcare professional. I am planning to get married this December. I look forward to building a new life full of joy and professional advancement. I thrive on exercising my compassion and helping those in need. Nothing brings me greater joy than assisting our nurses in my volunteer position at our hospital and seeking complete preparation in nursing that will enable me to make the most significant contribution possible to our field. I have always dreamed of becoming a health care professional, and nursing is my niche in life and the professional position in which I will find my greatest fulfillment as a human being, laboring every day to make this world a better and healthier place for everybody, no matter what their financial status.

Academic qualifications: I recently graduated with my bachelor's in public health at XXXX State University in May 2014. Now twenty-five, I am a citizen of the USA. I was born in Yerevan, Armenia, and educated there until 16. Besides English, I also speak Russian and my native language Armenian

Entry Level FNP, Public Health, Armenian, Russian
Entry Level FNP, Public Health Nursing Personal Statement

The role of the nurse is my destiny as a professional, and I have grown to love my dream of becoming a highly accomplished nursing professional because I long to be a very hands-on caregiver and to have the opportunity to get to know my patients in-depth to treat and holistically cure them. Ten years from now, I see myself as a highly competent nurse practitioner giving my all to my patients. I am learning increasingly about nursing and find myself increasingly excited about the areas of gynecology, obstetrics, and everything having to do with reproductive health. I am working toward fulfilling my calling as a nurse and a mother since I look forward to becoming a mother at some point. I celebrate diversity in nursing and hope to use my Russian and Armenian as I continue to work in large hospitals with vast patient populations speaking most of the world’s major languages.

My fascination with everything related to obstetrics and gynecology has been growing in leaps and bounds since I began my internship. Since then, I have learned much about pregnancy and women's health. I have observed several natural births and C-sections. I am enthralled with the entire process from conception to childbirth. I also hope to participate in medical missions at some point in my career since my dream has always been to go to an underdeveloped country and help people unable to afford adequate medical care. I would also feel very privileged to have the opportunity to work in public health education. I am troubled by how many people do not take care of their health because they do not visit their doctors regularly. Prevention is the key, and I look forward to lifelong learning in preventive medicine.

I have been heavily engaged in medicine since I was seventeen. I volunteered in a hospital within a few months of my arrival in the USA. Within a few years, I was working in a doctor’s office. I continue to work as an office assistant for several different doctors. Most importantly, however, I am currently completing an internship as a Nursing Assistant at XXXX Memorial Medical Center while I continue working in a doctor’s office.

I see everything I have accomplished professionally as preparation for entering your especially distinguished master's Program at XXXX University. Your program will provide me with the solid platform that I need to excel as a nurse in the future. I look forward to many decades of service to the cause of women’s health and having a share in bringing thousands of new lives into the world. I want to care for women from puberty to menopause, particularly during pregnancy, labor, and childbirth. I want to educate women and teenage girls about physical and sexual health, providing services and information on treatments from birth control to mammograms.

Thank you for considering my application to your distinguished program at XXXU.


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