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Family Nurse Practitioner Masters Application, Float Nurse, Girl Scout Leader

Updated: May 11

An RN with three years of nursing experience in a hospital setting as a float nurse, this has given me many opportunities to learn and develop my skills within a short amount of time. I also have a business degree and worked for fifteen years as a manager for county government, managing people as well as programs and assets, in addition to raising three highly intelligent and productive children. Now, with professional experience, knowledge and the maturity, I hope to excel and make important contributions to your FNP Program at XXXX University, participating in class discussions and sharing some of the family-related experiences that I have had over the course of many years of community service. Currently completing my Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing at XXXX University, by continuing my education at OU, my nursing network and support base will help me to excel.

I spent many hours at all three of my children's schools as a volunteer, served as a Girl Scout Leader, a room mother, a chaperone for field trips, etc. I also volunteered to work at public events when I was part of local government for 15 years. Frequently participating in fundraising events for diabetes research and cancer awareness, contributing my time working on quilting projects for the events, for example, or making baked goods to raise funds for research—these are my passions. Interacting with a lot of families who are touched by these diseases and learning from them have been among my fondest experiences, helping them to cope and stay positive. These kinds of activities provide me with some of the connectedness to my community that is so helpful to FNP practice.

Most of my 3 years in nursing have been spent in a float pool in order to gain quick exposure to a broad variety of nursing settings, learning as much as I can in an interdisciplinary fashion. After completing your program and for the balance of my career, I hope to increasingly dedicate my efforts to nursing the underserved to the extent to which I am able to do so and still pay off my student loans,. This is what fulfills me most, providing joy, spirituality, and a sense of meaning and purpose that fills me every day. I dream of going on medical missions, especially to disaster areas, particularly here in the United States but perhaps overseas as well at some point. I am also very much engaged in issues in rural health and concerned about the fact that important needs are often not met in many of our rural areas here in America.

My plans for beginning service as an FNP are focused on underserved areas in the United States in a clinic or primary care setting. Looking down the road for the future, I would like to practice independently and make the care that I provide as affordable as possible for my patients.

I thank you for considering my application to your distinguished program at XXXX University.

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