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Updated: Jul 22

The seriousness with which I have approached my education and four years of practical clinical experience as an OR and ICU nurse is evidence of my desire to take my nursing career as far as I possibly can. Excelling in academics, my BS in Nursing was achieved with a near-perfect GPA and represents a solid foundation in the sciences; even my previous academic background in business aids me with clinically useful mathematics.

These past 24 months with XXXX Hospital has been the impetus for my choice to pursue an MSN. Moreover, our hospital has its own nurse anesthesia program, and I was able to interact with their students at length, to shadow them in their work, opportunities that piqued my interest for nurse anesthesiology. Additionally, I love the intensity of the ICU working environment. What many call the pressures of the job, I find truly invigorating, the need for accuracy, speed and well-developed observational skills. I enjoy the complex nature of neuroscience, and have been exposed to many conditions and injuries. More than this, though, I thoroughly care about my patients, and take their education about conditions and avoiding readmissions very seriously indeed. Their lives, the value I place on them, drive my professionalism, my organization and contributions to the multidisciplinary peri-operative teams around me.

My decision to pursue a career in nursing stems from my childhood examples, with no less than three generations of nursing professionals gracing my family; my grandmother a nurse educator in the Philippines, my father a case manager and now me, a burgeoning CRNA. My family’s example, their genuineness and approach to patients, thoroughly impressed me. I used to think that business mattered, and it does, but I wanted a more direct impact on the lives of others, a chance to interact, and communicate one-on-one with patients. I feel that my caring, nurturing nature has come through in my time as a nurse, that is has been acknowledged in ways that business could never satisfy, personally or professionally.

Coming from the Philippines, I have a worldview that is quite different from my American peers. I do not mention this simply to increase the diversity of the student body. Since coming to America, living, working and being educated in the American system, I have developed an ability to interact effectively with not only my fellow Americans, but since having experienced life as an immigrant, I feel particularly sensitive to the needs of many minorities; combined with this is my ability to speak two languages fluently and am developing my Spanish. There is a need to reach out to our diverse patients, to understand and appreciate our differences, be it cultural or socioeconomic, an appreciation of the rich tapestry of life that we are all a part of on earth. A nurse needs to be able to interact effectively with people of differing cultures, ethnicities, nationalities and creeds. This is critically important given the vast influx of persons with varied backgrounds into American health care.

For the future, I anticipate working as a CRNA as I build my exposure to eventually become a nurse anesthesia administrator. The ideal would be to eventually become a professor in a quality nursing school, serving others as I have been served, helping to fill the need in the nursing industry, developing, and encouraging burgeoning medical professionals, while simultaneously conducting research.

Through an academic relationship with XXXX’s School of Nurse Anesthesia, I will be able to develop myself further, offering my energy and clinical acumen to the most unique autonomous, challenging and rewarding field within nursing.

Your time and consideration is greatly appreciated.

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