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FNP, PACU Experience, Multilingual, Vietnamese

Updated: Jan 16

After graduating from XXXX State with my BSN in Nursing, I began my career with XXU Health on a floor specializing in post-surgical patients, especially those with traumatic injuries. I was nervous but very eager to learn. My priority is caring for Vietnamese Americans. I am a non-native speaker of English who has worked extremely hard to constantly improve her English communication skills to become a successful nurse.

I was called to the telemetry floor one day because the nurses needed a Vietnamese translator. As I walked into the room, the patient’s facial expression changed instantly from a scared look to a smile, and he immediately started to tell me of his concerns. As I got to know this patient better, I realized he was from a rural area with few healthcare resources. Soon, I began to see that this was a common theme among many of my patients of all ethnic backgrounds from rural areas since patients travel from all over Louisiana for help at XXU Health, seeking a level of care not offered in their town. Increasingly, I have developed a keen interest in the unique challenges of rural health nursing. I look forward to distinguishing myself in your program by excelling in this area. I am applying to your distinguished MSN Program at XXXX University to become a highly dedicated and creative FNP specializing in rural health education. I look forward to becoming the kind of Family Nurse Practitioner who is especially adept at meeting the challenges of patients and their families from rural areas. I look forward to a lifetime of helping to educate families on disease processes and healthy lifestyle choices.

My passion and eagerness to learn have helped me build my confidence as I progress in my career. There is nothing that I love more than finding an opportunity to apply what I am learning in nursing school to the day-to-day challenges that we face in the hospital. I believe in an integrated, holistic care model for my patients. My professional experience at XXU has improved my patient assessment and organization skills, and I have learned the importance of carefully prioritizing my responsibilities.

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FNP Post-Operative Monitoring

My eagerness to acquire new skills led me to accept a job in the fast-paced PACU unit, working in more life-threatening situations. I appreciate how post-operative monitoring allows me more intimate contact with my patients. With the increasing demand for primary care in rural areas and the lack of available physicians, I strongly feel that FNPs have a critical role in providing much-needed primary care. This is the role that I seek to fulfill. Dedicated to lifelong learning, I see your program as the optimal springboard for a lifetime of nursing studies. I will contribute all I can for many decades, making critically essential differences in the care of families.

Thank you sincerely for considering my application to your program.


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