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FNP Master, Rural Health, Family Nurse Practitioner

Updated: Jan 14

I have maintained a consistent and steady focus throughout my professional and academic development in nursing, bringing optimal and heartfelt care to those who need it most. The field of Nursing brings me the greatest relevance, and emotional and psychological fulfillment, more so than any other field could. Growing up in India, I have seen what poverty really means. My stepdad operates a weekly soup kitchen, and by his example, hard work, and genuine love for helping others, I have been inspired and see my path ever more clearly in nursing. I have taken part in numerous free health screenings, blood sugar testing, and the dissemination of informational brochures. I have long been concerned about the lack of awareness concerning stroke prevention, as well as the ongoing need to prevent as well as manage Diabetes through proper diet and exercise.

family nurse practitioner rural health personal statement
Family Nurse Practitioner Rural Health

I could not be more excited about the prospect of beginning ____'s MSN Program focusing on the Rural Health Family Practitioner track, I envision opening a family practice in my community that caters to the needs of as many patients as possible that do not have access to healthcare.

The MSN program at ____ is the ideal choice for my further education. I seek to serve the community I grew up in, giving back all that I can in every way that I am able. When I see people in need, I do not see individual problems, rather I see collective issues and responsibility at the community level. Once I am established as a Nurse Practitioner, I look forward to undertaking research concerning the most effective methods by which healthcare awareness can be disseminated in women and teenage girls.

I have established my commitment to the community through my volunteer work. Through In As Much Ministries, I offer free preventative health screenings and health education, focusing on Diabetes, hypertension, and cardiac disease.

I bring with me to the program at ____ not only an excellent foundation in Nursing but also a great deal of professional exposure combined with clinical skills. Having practiced in a Cath lab, and now in dialysis clinics, I have worked with patients who are very chronically ill. Not a day goes by when I do not see clients whose medical situations could have been avoided through primary and secondary prevention.

family nurse practitioner rural health personal statement examples
Family Nurse Practitioner Rural Health

____ University's MSN program is my first and only choice among MSN programs as I am especially favorably impressed with its faculty, staff, relevant curriculum, and incredibly diverse student body. I look forward with great eagerness to this, my next step, not only for me but the people I will go on to serve, weaving a dream in nursing that never ends.

FNP Master, Rural Health, Family Nurse Practitioner


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