Immigrant from Ghana, DNP, Statement of Purpose, Psychiatric Mental Health Certificate

Updated: Nov 17

Essential VII (Clinical Prevention and Population Health for Improving the Nation’s Health) of The Essentials of Doctoral Education for Advance Nursing Practice is my foremost chosen essential for improving patient and population outcomes. According to the American Association of Colleges of Nursing (2006), the health care system of the United States underutilizes prevention intervention even though fifty percent of preventable deaths are a result of unhealthy behaviors. This may also be true for many other part of the world, especially in Africa. Growing up in Gambia, I witnessed first-hand how communities suffered from an absence of medical attention, with many children and adults dying of diseases that are now both preventable and curable. Medical care was simply unavailable to 90% of the members of my community because they were poor, and this always struck me as a brutal and cruel injustice. In this way, I began to hope while still a child that I would grow up to become a health care worker and do everything that I could to address these disparities.

I got off to a slow start at realizing my dreams because I spent several years being a teenage single mom before I pulled it all together to attend nursing school. Once I began studying, I was a registered nurse within 3 years, earning my BSN in 2013. I will be starting my final preceptorship class on September 25, 2015 for my MSN program and will graduate in May of next year, 2016. I hope to begin classes at XXXX University the following fall semester.

I am convinced that my high level of ambition and motivation, under the tutelage of your distinguished faculty at XXU will help me reach my educational goals in the fullest sense. After completion of your doctoral program, I will be able to utilize evidence-based prevention and population health services for individuals and population on an expert and highly professional level. This will enable me to provide optimal care for patients who not only face multiple physical challenges such as diabetes, heart disease, stroke, cancers, and hypertension, but also patients with mental health issues. This is because most of the patients with whom I hope to work will have mental illness generally intertwined with their physical conditions in complex ways.

Earning my DNP at XXU along with my Post Master's Psychiatric Mental Health Certificate will provide me with the foundation that I need in order to be able to analyze epidemiological, biostatistical data to develop, implement, and evaluate clinical prevention and population health here in the US and abroad. I will also become much better equipped to be able to extend my knowledge, skills, and expertise to the people of my native Gambia by offering lectures in schools, hospitals, and community clinics on the prevention of the most communicable and non-communication diseases most prevalent in my country of origin. Eventually, I hope to be accepted to work with the World Health Organization or United Nations, exercising a leadership role in health promotion and disease prevention in Africa.

My current job responsibilities include discharge planning and daily engagement with the cultural and economic factors that come into play for each individual being discharged with heart disease and diabetes. I look forward to doing research in this area as a doctoral student in your program.

I thank you for considering my application.

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