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FNP Statement of Purpose, Airforce 20 Years, Immigrant from Haiti

Updated: Jan 15

Born and raised in Haiti, I permanently immigrated to the US in 1977. In addition to English, I speak French and Haitian Creole and look forward to utilizing both languages at various points in the future as a nursing professional. Nothing is closer to my heart and more central to my dreams than the prospect of serving as a nurse on medical missions, especially in Haiti and or French-speaking countries. My short-term goal is to complete the Family Nurse Practitioner program at XXXX University as I transition out of the military - after serving on Active Duty in the United States Air Force for twenty-plus years. My passion for helping patients and their families from poorer communities comes from my own story. As a young girl growing up in Haiti, healthcare delivery was limited at best, including for my own family, who sometimes forgo care simply because the cost was out of our reach.

MSN-FNP, Airforce 20 Years, Immigrant from Haiti
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I see the central mission of the nurse in society as helping individuals, families, and groups to realize their peak physical, mental, and social health, and potential. The nurse's role is thus central to promoting and maintaining the health of the community’s members. I could not feel more excited and fulfilled by my calling, which is why I am dedicated to lifelong education in nursing. After earning my master's degree first and gaining further experience, my long-term goal is to obtain a doctorate in nursing to make my total contribution to our search to improve or enhance patient outcomes. I look forward to serving on the frontlines for several decades as we undergo profound changes in our healthcare systems, hopefully for the better. Becoming a family nurse practitioner (ANP) after completing your program will allow me to expand my professional horizons and better serve my community, especially by advocating for vulnerable, high-risk populations while tirelessly working to improve the quality and safety of our healthcare systems.

MSN-FNP, Airforce 20 Years, Immigrant from Haiti
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As my career in nursing continues to progress, I want to spend increasing amounts of my time in Haiti as a volunteer practitioner, developing close, long-term bonds with patients and, families, entire communities – gaining trust as a respected practitioner who does everything she can to protect and care for the health of the members of her community. The mission of XXXX University suggests that a cornerstone of meaningful existence is service to humanity. That is how I see my nursing education, opening doors to opportunities for service. I want to give back to rural communities in the way they’ve given to me and impact people’s lives who need it most. Throughout my professional experience, I have cultivated a particular focus on health promotion, preventive medicine, and information management systems. Analyzing data to make sound decisions and working out kinks in workflow processes in the acute care and medical management settings is my niche, where I hope to carve out a highly distinguished career, constantly giving my all to the development of new, ever-more-efficient work processes.

I look forward to enhancing my lifetime contribution to the nursing community during and after completing your program. I have the leadership, communication, and critical thinking skills required to succeed. I have learned how to work independently and with multidisciplinary teams of health professionals, interacting with highly diverse patient populations and nursing and medical staff. Being able to quickly adapt to unfamiliar or crisis situations and modify nursing implications to meet current patient needs are two essential skills that I have devoted a lot of special attention to mastering. I have also developed advanced time management skills as an officer and leader in the United States Air Force: receiving multiple promotions and earning three master's degrees in health sciences, Public Health, and Divinity, always with a high GPA. However, I cannot say the same for my undergraduate study for my BSN, as I faced some challenging times during those early years that hurt my grades. My later performance better reflects my potential to excel in Nursing at the graduate level.

Telemedicine, social issues, nursing, and the opioid crisis, are the three areas related to nursing in which I envision making profound explorations and engagements, always promoting health, and teaching chronic disease management and prevention. I want to empower people to take control of their health, serving in a community clinic and helping vulnerable families. As the push for virtual healthcare continues, so does the pressure for health systems to develop these programs, which requires a significant overhaul for some organizations. My most outstanding contribution to society and the medical community would be to improve interdisciplinary workflow processes in nursing - designing, implementing, and improving telehealth and telemedicine systems, thereby improving patient access to care and better outcomes. I also look forward to focusing on research concerning using minimal virtual healthcare or telehealth. Healthcare organizations should offer, or consider offering, easily-accessible healthcare consultations—like virtual healthcare and telehealth systems that are capable of caring to some extent for the vulnerable under highly stressful circumstances and with minimal resources, such as the distressed patients on the battlefield that I watched for during my deployments (Berwick, Feeley & Loehrer, 2015). I now look forward with a profound sense of readiness to the rigors of your program.

Thank you for considering my application.


Berwick, D. M., Feeley, D., & Loehrer, S. (2015). Change from the inside out, health care leaders are taking the helm. Jama, 313(17), 1707-1708. DOI:10.1001/JAMA.2015.2830

FNP Statement of Purpose


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