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Male Nurse, Parents from Cambodia, Khmer Speaker, Master's Nursing, Diabetes

Updated: May 11

The XXXX College of Health Science at XXXX University is my first choice for earning my Master’s Degree in Nursing primarily because of its creative curriculum and organization -coupled to a very inspiring mission. Your curriculum resonates with me on many levels and I feel most confident that my time spent volunteering with Urgent Care at XXXX Community Center and the long hours that I spent fully immersed in research as an undergraduate student will help me to hit the ground running and excel in your program.

My parents are both immigrants to the USA from Cambodia; therefore, I speak Khmer as well as English and I think my finest moments while serving at our hospital have been when I meet a Cambodian patient and sometimes their families as well. Our eyes light up and we immediately feel most at home sharing and communicating about everything with great joy at the fact that we find ourselves speaking the same mother language. This helps the process; and in some circumstances could even save a life. Thus, I look forward to a lifetime of service as the Cambodian nurse and ‘Khmer-speaker’ on call at my hospital.

Since I was 10 years old, I’ve been a type 1 diabetic; so, the complexity of health-care issues and health care treatments, eligibilities, insurance etc., these are all subjects that I have been dealing with since childhood. I first became a Home-Health Aide because I sensed early on that Nursing might be the career that best suits my high level of motivation and my keen desire to care for others and my instincts were most fully confirmed by my experience. It was a great joy for me to become a health-care provider. Prior to that my only experience with health care systems was as a patient. Although my scope of practice was extremely limited as a Home-Health Aide, it brought me the greatest joy to simply provide a warming environment of comfort through mindful conversations and developing a rapport with my patient – always working collaboratively with the registered nurse. At this point, I started paying special attention to the art of care giving, which I have been cultivating ever since and look forward to continuing to do so through a long lifetime dedicated mostly to Nursing. My experience and curiosity led me to the Lynn Community Health Center where I was able to work as part of the team alongside nurse practitioners. Not only did these providers truly inspire me with their compassion and unfailing work ethic, I profoundly admired how they formulated interventions based on theoretical, scientific frameworks. I became immediately mesmerized at how, like a live hockey game, these providers work simultaneously independently and collectively to coordinate the best approach to complex cases or conditions.

Although I am extremely motivated to give my all to a career in nursing, I did not have the same intense motivation during my first couple of years of college and it took me a while to find myself as a student and begin to earn good grades. My professional and academic salvation, the cure that arrived for my lack of focus when I first started college, is my passion for scientific thinking, which has been mushrooming for the past couple of years in particular. My grades have improved drastically over the course of the last several years. I feel strongly that these more recent grades more accurately reflect my capacity to excel as a graduate student.

Over the course of this past year, serving as an undergraduate researcher, I have had the opportunity to put scientific principles to practical use and I have learned a great deal about research methods. Most of my time has been devoted to preparing presentations, conducting literature reviews, and collecting data. The countless hours spent doing directed research provides me with an appreciation for the art and science of theoretical models. I plan on pursuing a career as a nurse practitioner and using the art of science to not only improve the health of my patients but also the global health of all, using the art of nursing to create healthy adventures. I hope to work in both understaffed community centers as well with patients from all walks of life and underserved populations, those who generally experience the most formidable barriers to care. I feel strongly that my career goals and sense of professional purpose is very consistent with the mission of Nursing at Northeastern University. I have deep respect for your dedication to culturally and linguistically competent, as well as ethical healthcare that is both high-quality and safe. I also fully appreciate your fullest dedication to the cause of increasing access to that health care for those who are unable to afford it, to some extent – worldwide.

For my part, I look forward as a young Cambodian man to practicing global nursing at a local clinic run by a community health center; very much like the one where I currently volunteer with an extremely diverse population of individuals from all over the world in need of our services. I have a special interest in our diabetic patients and I very much look forward to spending the balance of my long professional lifetime dedicated to the cause of preventing and controlling diabetes as well as becoming the finest nursing professional possible.

I thank you for considering my application to Nursing at XXXX.

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