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Master's, Progressive Care to ICU, Cardiac

Updated: Jan 15

Master's, Progressive Care to ICU, Cardiac
ICU, Cardiac Care Nursing MSN Samples

My last two years, giving my all every day to my patients in the ICU and the Progressive Care Unit, have been the most fulfilling years of my life, and I look forward to many more in the ICU. I especially adore the challenge of caring for patients with cardiac conditions and helping to educate patients and their families on disease processes and healthy lifestyle choices. I have been particularly concerned with heart health issues among adults for several years, reading widely in this area in my spare time. I am engrossed in the study of how heart disease symptoms are often silent and tend to go unnoticed and unattended until the person experiences the signs and symptoms of a heart attack. My eagerness and interest in acquiring further knowledge, skill, and experience in cardiac health led me to accept a position in our cardiac and vascular unit at XXXX hospital, where I care for patients with various cardiac conditions, including dysrhythmia, heart failure, and coronary artery diseases. I excel at using vasopressors, titration, and weaning from cardiac medications.

Master's, Progressive Care to ICU, Cardiac
ICU, Cardiac Nursing MSN Examples

I seek the highest level of expertise possible in nursing care and education of patients with cardiac complications, working in the prevention and treatment of cardiovascular diseases. I believe that the education and training I hope to receive as a Nurse Practitioner will empower me to address the most critical challenges in clinical care and distinguish myself as a system leader providing high-quality care across a broad spectrum of illnesses. I have nursing practice experience in India and the US, enhancing my multicultural and multilingual capabilities as a nurse.

Master's, Progressive Care to ICU, Cardiac
ICU, Cardiac Nursing MSN Editing Service

After any more years of service here in America, putting the education that I hope to receive at XXXX Nursing to excellent use, I see myself in my later years returning to India to do what I can to advance our profession in my country of origin, where the need is so great and where a big chunk of my own heart will always be. I look forward to teaching Nursing in India at some point, promoting nursing research collaboration with nursing programs across the spectrum in India and abroad, and encouraging support for India as her need becomes even more significant due to COVID-19 and its aftermath.


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