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CRNA, Active US Air Force Reserve, ICU

Updated: Jan 27

I am an active US Air Force Reservist, and for the last four years, I have worked as a qualified flight nurse in an Air Force Aero-medical Evacuation Squadron. I have undertaken various roles in my civil nursing career since qualifying in 1996.  I now seek to apply and extend my significant nursing experience, knowledge, and skills by training in this demanding specialist field and becoming a highly skilled and effective Nurse Anesthetist.

I have been deployed in two combat zones as a Reserve servicewoman, in Iraq and Afghanistan. I have provided casualties with pain relief in flight, often independently without a flight surgeon. Upon returning to the US after my last war zone deployment, I worked in PACU to extend my anesthesia and pain management knowledge before the ICU phase. My background provides me with an excellent foundation for success in the program. I love working in the military and intend to continue my reserve service to assist my fellow servicemen and women once qualified.

I have carefully considered the future nursing roles available to someone with my long experience, interests, and personal characteristics. I firmly believe the CRNA role is the optimum ‘way forward.’ I am attracted to this specialty because it will also provide the significant academic and professional challenges I seek. The CRNA role is prestigious and provides the autonomy I am used to exercising. The specialty’s critical and technical aspects also appeal to me.

The role will enable me to apply all my significant critical care knowledge and experience. However, its main appeal lies in the opportunity to become a highly-skilled ‘pain manager’ and exercise my caring skills in dealing with patients' natural and common anxiety about anesthesia. I am aware that the specialty is constantly evolving, and I am excited at the prospect of being involved in research into innovative pain management techniques.

I have thoroughly familiarized myself with the CRNA’s role. I understand that the program will be demanding and will call for a significant investment of time and commitment on my part. I also appreciate that the program requires above-average academic ability, nursing skills, knowledge, and an ability to understand and apply highly technical information. After carefully considering these facts, I make this application confident that I possess the necessary expertise and personal characteristics to excel in the program and professionally.

I was born in St. Lucia and am of Caribbean descent. I have happily studied, worked, and socialized with people of many social and cultural backgrounds.  My military experience has also given me a greater understanding of myself, enhanced my sense of effective teamwork, called for the application of initiative in critical situations, and called up characteristics that I might not otherwise have known I possessed.

I have carefully researched the CRNA programs available and have been very impressed by the universally positive feedback from employers about the quality of XXX CRNA graduates.  Several anesthetists have recommended your program, and I have been highly impressed with the quality of newly qualified RNs from XXXX with whom I have worked.  I believe my background will enable me to bring some unusual and valuable insights to share with my class.

I know that the program will attract many well-qualified applicants. However, I consider myself to be an excellent candidate. I am a highly experienced nurse who has filled roles directly applicable to the program with the commitment and passion for the specialty that will enable me to excel. I have a keen desire to assist patients undergoing surgery to make the process as painless and stress-free as possible.

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