Masters CRNA, Nurse Anesthesia, Filipino & Chinese

Updated: Jul 16

Born and raised in Manila, Philippines, I am a young man and a nurse who is three quarters Filipino and one quarter Chinese. One of four siblings, I grew up in a tiny, humble home in one of the most impoverished slums in Manila, far from the city lights. We were happy despite the fact that 15 people shared our home; throughout my childhood, I was blissfully unaware of any disadvantage of my social class, despite having lost my mother to America. One day when I was six, I woke up to find my mother and all of her things gone. She could not bear to say goodbye to me because she new that it would be a long time before she would see me again. In fact, a decade would pass before we would be reunited in Pasadena, California.

I came to the US when I was 16, so I am very conscious of the fact that I am a first generation immigrant. I take great pride in our celebration of diversity here in South Central California and I am honored to be building a career in nurse anesthesia with a special concentration on emergency care. The underserved often have no medical care until they have an emergency; this is why I take special pride in my goal of becoming a CRNA dedicated to a lifetime of service on the front lines of care for our enormous population of undocumented residents. I recently finished my BSN at XXXU, May, 2013. I greatly treasure the opportunity to give my all to my studies when I am not on duty. I ask to be accepted to your program so that I may return to doing what I most enjoy, studying to become the very finest nurse possible.

More so than is the case with our Hispanic population, the overwhelming majority of Filipinos are very comfortable communicating in English. I do hope, however, that my fluency in Tagalog, both writing as well as speaking, will be useful in my nursing career.

I want very much to study at XXXU’s XXXX Campus for many reasons, not the least of which is the fact that I live and work in the area. I also like very much the fact that yours is a new program and, if I am accepted, I will be part of the third graduating class. I feel profound admiration for both the breadth and depth of your curriculum and I particularly appreciate your emphasis on the importance of diversity in our nursing community.

Committed to lifelong learning, I keenly look forward to an extensive engagement with research in the area of nursing anesthesia that I will most enjoy for many decades to come. I would like very much to participate in research concerning better ways of applying anesthesia with fewer side effects and greater overall efficiency with respect to all aspects of my field. My desire to become the finest CRNA possible is something that has been building up for a number of years, particularly as a result of a number of important role models that I have had along the way, such as Dr. XXXX, an anesthesiologist, and XXXX, a CRNA; working alongside both of them during my military service was a special privilege.

I have extensive experience as a respiratory therapist using a variety of different ventilators and their different modes. I also see my profound dedication to emergency nursing as one of the strongest aspects of my application to your distinguished program. I have already earned my CEN and I am preparing to take my CCRN this year. I believe that it is important for some CRNA aspirants to develop extensive backgrounds in emergency care so that enough highly qualified CRNAs are always available in this especially critical area. In my current position, I deal with cardiac arrest and resuscitation on an almost daily basis; this has helped me to learn to work well under stress.

I see your program at XXXU to be the ideal location for me to launch upon a complete immersion in the acquisition of a state-of-the-art grounding in all of the basic sciences that are most relevant to all aspects of clinical anesthesia.  I especially admire the structure of the second phase of your program and the organization of your Clinical practicums. I particularly look forward to the working under the supervision of CRNAs in my own practicum and then my clinical rotations. I appreciate the fact that those rotations are available throughout California so that I will be able to gain exposure to anesthesia delivery in a variety of contexts, from large academic institutions to rural and outpatient settings. I have served as a respiratory therapist since 2002 and I have also served as an anesthesia technician, working side-by-side with anesthesia providers including CRNAs and anesthesiologists. In fact, most of my duties were related to anesthesia delivery throughout the four years that I was stationed on Naval Hospital XXXX. For me, this was the ultimate shadowing experience.

I am aware that California is in need of exceptionally well trained CRNAs, especially with respect to emergency services—particularly here in the Central valley and I seek to respond to that need. I live and work here and want to continue to go to school here; and I want to practice here after completing your distinguished program. I hope at some point in my career to teach as well as practice and I am also convinced that your Master’s Program will serve as an ideal platform for continuing my education at some point.

While my overall GPA for my BSN program was only 3.5, for my last three semesters, I earned a GPA of 3.9. This demonstrates the way in which my already high level of motivation has been increasing. I am convinced that I could excel in your rigorous program.

I want to thank you for considering my application.

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