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CRNA Nurse Anesthesia, Husband and Father, the Beach

Updated: Jan 27

I would feel profoundly honored to complete my Masters's Degree in Nurse Anesthesia at XXXX College’s highly distinguished program. I am applying to your program primarily out of respect and admiration for your central goal of creating student-centered partnerships with clinical sites. Another factor is that I have endured brutal Michigan winters my entire life. Now, with our two little ones aged 2 and 4, I want to escape this frigid environment and, when not studying or working, relax on the beach with my family.

I am a devoted husband and father, and my long-term goal is to make essential contributions to my community in anesthesia. As a Christian man, I enjoy the total sense of harmony between being a nurse and a follower of Jesus, with a special dedication to the least fortunate among us. This provides me with extremely high levels of motivation and joy as a nurse, especially concerning pain management. This is why I believe that I have the potential to excel in your program at XXXX.

Working as a nurse has helped me appreciate the significant advances in pain medication, despite the many challenges we have yet to overcome in preventing their abuse. I am a currvolunteeringunteer with the Free Medical Clinic of XXXX County in XXXX, Michigan. Flint is among the hardest-hit areas of our state and has more than its share of those who suffer as a resulfromnd lack of access to health care services. Working in Flint has given me a chance to assess the human impact of poverty and a system that has largely failed those who need it most.

I have worked in critical care since August 2011. Until January 2012, I worked in Coronary Care. This latter experience provided me with extensive, invaluable exposure to the care of a diseased human heart, particularly Swan Ganz catheters and Intra-aortic Balloon Pumps. I have a lot of experience titrating vasoactive medications and studying how they work on the body. In January of this year, I transferred to Intensive Care to search for more significant challenges and responsibilities. I appreciate learning everything I can about the chronically ill and the never-ending quest to make them as comfortable as possible.

I want to set a good example for my children to be inspired to push themselves to do their best academically and serve others in the community. At the same time, I want to respond to the need for highly qualified CRNAs who excel because they give their all. Because of my dedication to the cause of nursing anesthesia, there is absolutely nothing that I might find more satisfying than spending my day developing patient care plans, helping patients through procedures, doing physicals, and obtaining histories of pre-operative patients. I want to be the nurse who intubates the patient and monitors their airway, vital signs, and overall status to ensure patient stability.  I want to be there when the patient comes out of anesthesia and transfer care with a thorough report to the receiving nurse in PACU or ICU.  I want to distinguish myself as exceptional in my proficiency in placing invasive lines.  I want to go to the top of nursing expertise in the anesthetic and respiratory care of patients with various complex health needs across life spans.

Raised in a Christian home, I was taught that God was the first to use anesthesia when he put Adam to sleep to remove his rib, from which the mother of all creation was formed. I have always seen the use of anesthesia in surgery as a grand, heroic, and noble cause with divine origins. I appreciate your consideration of my application to your distinguished program at XXXX College in preparation for a lifetime of service to my community in pain management.

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