Michigan Home Girl, Nurse Anesthesia Personal Statement Sample

Updated: Jul 22

Born and raised in XXXX, Michigan, I still live here because I am a ‘home girl’. Michigan is very much part of my identity; and for years now, I have watched with horror the decline of our flagship city, Detroit. Thus, I am extremely proud of the fact that the University of XXXX is one of the finest Nurse Anesthesia programs in the entire country, with people seeking to move to Detroit, of all places, so as to have the profound privilege of attending your program. I see Detroit Mercy as an oasis in the middle of a storm, a beacon of light in a dark urban world, a source of hope for the underserved who all-too-often find themselves locked out in the cold with no access to medical care. Thus, XXXX is my first choice among Programs in Nurse Anesthesia.

Staying fit is also a big part of my own positive identity development and for some time now, I have been volunteering at a fitness camp as a personal trainer, helping others to achieve their goal of a healthy lifestyle. I have worked as a nurse for the past 10 years and now have 8 years of experience in emergency and acute care settings. I served in a 32-bed ER that sees 50,000 patients a year and, since July of 2016, I have worked in our critical care environment in a busy 30-bed unit, mostly floating between our neuro intensive care NICU and cardiovascular care CICU units.

Many if not most of my patients are recovering from open heart surgery. Floating between all 3 units – General ICU, Cardio, Neuro, has greatly enhanced the scope of my critical care experience providing me with an advanced understanding of a multitude of acute health challenges. One of the CRNAs that I have shadowed at my hospital graduated from Detroit Mercy and had nothing but glowing praise for your program every time the subject came up. One of the cardiothoracic surgeons who I support on a regular basis is a personal friend of XXXX, the director of your program at Mercy, and he also lauds your Nurse Anesthesia Program. I want to help people in my home state. Thus, for me, Mercy is the ideal choice, so that I learn about specific challenges and opportunities of service here in Michigan, as a state-wide community. This is especially relevant insofar as state resources become increasingly important in the absence of federal support for health care. Most of all, I want to learn about the health-care challenges faced by our residents in the part of our state in greatest need: Detroit.

I have always dreamed of becoming a CRNA and even wrote a paper as a senior in high school on the profession, 16 years later I still have the dream. My inspiration closest to home was my aunt, who rose through the ranks as a nurse to the position of Director of a nursing facility. On my 18th birthday, when she was 36, she died. It was ruled unexpected cardiac death. I also seek to make her proud. I have now been closely observing CRNAs in a variety of emergency and intensive care settings, and there are three things in particular that I admire, their compassion, vigilance, and the way that they so naturally and nobly serve as an advocate for the patient. A detail- oriented perfectionist by nature – I see Nurse Anesthesia as my natural calling. I enjoy caring for one patient at a time, focusing on providing the best, holistic care possible for the patient. I am also attracted to the autonomy that comes with being an advanced practice nurse.

I thank you for considering my application to Nurse Anesthesia at XXXX.

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