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CRNA, Midwife from Pakistan

Updated: Jul 20, 2023

As a teenager, I volunteered at the local community health center. I was involved in helping nurses to provide health and hygiene education programs to members of poor rural communities. I saw that the nurses were making a difference rather than merely making a living, and I decided that UNICEF wanted to do the same.

I trained as a midwife and nurse in Pakistan, however, opportunities there were extremely limited, and my career became stalled in its later stages until I came to the US. I have thrived in the demanding environment here, and since qualifying to practice in the US, I have worked in a CCU and currently work as an ICU nurse. I am privileged to have been entrusted to hold a position requiring remarkably elevated levels of practical skills, familiarity with complex equipment, excellent communication skills, and the confidence to exercise leadership and autonomy when necessary. I confidently handle the challenges of treating critically ill patients who require vigilant monitoring. I work calmly in the stressful conditions that frequently occur in my current role and apply my effective communication skills in working in a multidisciplinary team and dealing with patients and their families. I am used to working with post-surgical hemodynamic, unstable patients and those with respiratory problems on ventilation and cardiac and neurosurgical patients.

I have carefully considered my ‘next step’ in nursing. I have concluded that the CRNA role is an ideal ‘fit.’ My work has given me many opportunities to work with Nurse Anesthetists. I have become familiar with their work and have been extremely impressed by the breadth of knowledge and skills they demonstrate. I was allowed to ‘shadow’ Nurse Anesthetists, and this experience firmly confirmed my goal. The more I learned, the more attracted I became to the specialty because of the significant academic and professional challenges involved and the role's autonomy. I would not make this application if I were not confident that I have the potential to become a highly effective Nurse Anesthetist.

CRNA, Midwife from Pakistan
CRNA Statement of Purpose

My goals are to qualify, gain considerable experience and undertake advanced studies, research, and teaching in the specialty. I was employed as a Nurse Instructor in Pakistan and love teaching. I achieved a pass rate of 90% among my students and was awarded a prestigious prize in recognition of my ability to pass on my knowledge, skills, and passion for nursing and to encourage students to recognize and achieve their potential. Teaching provided a unique level of satisfaction which I hope to find in my future work in the specialty. Education also developed beneficial and transferable skills such as planning, effective time management, clarity in communication, autonomous decision-making, and gaining the confidence and cooperation of others to reach common goals.

I have happily studied, worked, and socialized with people of many ethnic and social backgrounds and have enjoyed doing so. I enjoy sharing knowledge of my own culture and learning about others. I get on quickly with others and am blessed with a good sense of humor. I undertake volunteer work with the Ismaili community in the US, helping to educate them on maintaining good health through exercise and diet. I regard volunteer activity as a matter of obligation rather than mere choice and plan to always serve as a volunteer alongside my professional position.

CRNA, Midwife from Pakistan
CRNA Statement of Purpose

I am particularly interested in pain management during labor and delivery. As a midwife in Pakistan, I became aware of a cultural reluctance to seek pain relief, especially among the poorer women. I hope to assist in changing attitudes by educating midwives and mothers in south Asian countries on the benefits and safety of modern pain management techniques and medications. I would be interested in assisting in research o this subject or one related to it if the opportunity should arise within the program.

I am interested in your program specifically because I have met graduates and current students who have recommended it for its challenging but supportive academic environment, the quality of the faculty, and the record of success of its graduates. I am confident that I have the skills, knowledge, and academic and personal potential to ‘add value to the program. I am determined to excel rather than merely succeed; I promise highly enthusiastic and committed participation in the program if selected to join.

Thank you for considering my application.


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