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MS APNP Adult Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner

Updated: Jul 7

APNP Goal Statement Sample

  1. Why are you interested in this program?

As a nurse, I have witnessed the enormously beneficial effects of the intervention of APNPs in the lives of patients suffering both acute and chronic symptoms of mental ill-health. I seek to emulate their effectiveness.

In my work as a nurse in a correctional institution and in the military environment where I live as a military spouse, I have had an unusual amount of exposure to mental ill-health and its distressing effects. My experiences, coupled with a short but painful personal episode of post-natal depression, have crystallized a desire to acquire the knowledge and skills to become an APNP.

My goal is to improve mental health in an active military setting. There is a pressing need for specialist military psychiatric nurses, given the stresses soldiers, veterans, and their spouses and families suffer.

I am an experienced RN, and much of that experience has involved patients suffering from mental ill-health. I want to be able to help them as much as possible and seek the training and knowledge to do so. I possess the characteristics that would enable me to be a first-class APNP.

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