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MS, Nurse Practitioner, NP, Palestinian, Katrina

Updated: Jan 16

I want to attend your program leading toward the master's degree in nursing because your schedule is exceptional in quality and perfect in location. I wish to become a highly professional nurse practitioner because of my intense joy in helping others, especially the sick. I am a woman who has always had to struggle in life to achieve what I have. I was raised in a family environment where the importance of education was downplayed and not taken seriously. As typical in Arab societies, and we are immigrant Palestinians, my family is also highly patriarchal. I was a little girl, destined by my family, especially my father, for a life of service to a husband and children rather than a professional career. Thus, I have spent much of my life overcoming these stereotypes and achieving an education.

Ever since I was a little girl, I have known that I wanted to make a difference in the world; I struggle to make the world a better place. Being Palestinian - long-suffering and historically persecuted - has fortified my serious and dedicated nature, making me strong and sensitive to questions of oppression and injustice. Early on, what became especially clear to me was the profound joy I derived from working in health care; thus, I saw it as the natural option. I blossomed socially in High School and joined several different student clubs. I also began serving in a leadership role in my family, helping resolve conflicts between family members. I have slowly become convinced that I have a gift from God that allows me to be especially effective in comforting those suffering. I find immense joy in caring for the sick and the elderly.

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Nursing Heroes Personal Statement

My mother and grandmother have been seriously ill for years, especially the latter, suffering from various illnesses. I have taken my grandmother to appointments, helped her bathe, and prepared diabetic-friendly meals. My grandmother helped inspire me to pursue nursing as my career. Another source of profound inspiration was Hurricane Katrina in 2005. Seeing so many people suffer in front of me made me wish to become a nurse to be better qualified and able to help victims of suffering. As I matured, I appreciated that this was my dream, my destiny that I must fulfill.

Beginning as a teenager, I have long distinguished myself as a volunteer; in homeless shelters and youth centers, helping single mothers and tutoring children and young adults, especially about diet and health care. I have particularly enjoyed working at Community Health Fairs, which also caused me to fall in love with Nursing. I have especially appreciated the opportunity to work alongside nurses, learn from them, observe the great benefit they bring to society, and watch what they do to make a difference in the community.

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Nurse Practitioner Statement of Purpose Samples

I have realized that nursing is the perfect profession because nurses are the people who never stop caring and are always there to help, which comes naturally to me. My ultimate dream is to have a job that I genuinely enjoy, enabling me to help people get well when they are sick and protect their physical and emotional health. I especially look forward to researching preventative medicine and how to reduce infections that result from surgery. I find disorders resulting from surgery interesting because my mother and grandmother have suffered from nasty post-surgery infections.

Becoming a registered nurse with a Masters's degree will enable me to achieve my goal. I see nursing as an extraordinary profession requiring a lot of intelligence and heart. My long-term goal is to become a community health educator and help underprivileged families. Since I am from a disadvantaged group of hardworking people who have struggled to have anything in life, I am empathetic to the needs of minority groups and those with modest economic resources. I also look forward to volunteering as a nurse, doing my small part in helping health care in devastated areas of the Developing World.

One of my favorite expressions is that “gifted leadership occurs where heart and soul meet, allowing the leader to soar.” My heart tells me that nursing is genuinely the right job for me. I wholeheartedly want to pursue my dream and will work as hard as possible to succeed, giving my all to your program. I want to be an excellent example for the young women of future generations that nothing can stop a person from pursuing their dreams when heart and mind work together for the long term. I want to thank you for considering my application to your program.

MS, Nurse Practitioner, NP, Palestinian, Katrina


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