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MSN, Geriatrics, Hospice, Non-Traditional, Travel

Updated: Jan 16

XXU is my first choice to study for the MSN because I love your curriculum's progressive aspects, which mirror the creativity and sense of promise in diversity and humanity that characterize the Bay Area. My academic work ethic is high, as demonstrated by my undergraduate GPA of 3.7. However, I have shown my capacity by maintaining a 4.0 GPA throughout all the pre-requisite courses necessary to enter your program while working and caring for a newborn baby.

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Geriatrics, Hospice Statement of Purpose

A non-traditional graduate student at 43, I seek to bring multicultural experience to your program and a solid background in volunteer health care activities. I lived for two years in Germany as a child, spent one year in Sydney, Australia, as a High School student, one year in Mexico City taking college classes in Spanish, and one year teaching English in Japan and Chile; I have also spent extensive periods in Thailand and Indonesia and traveled through France, England, Holland, Ireland, Cuba, and New Zealand. These experiences have helped me become a professional adept at working with patients from all over the world. I look forward to working with those patients who prefer Spanish as their mode of communication, which is very much needed here in California.

writing and editing samples, service
Geriatrics, Hospice Statement of Purpose Examples

Completing your distinguished MSN program will prepare me to make the most significant contribution to my field possible, helping hospice patients transition from this life peacefully and compassionately. I want to work my way up to the forefront of the movement to steer medical care away from an exclusive drug and intervention model. I am excited that trust and touch are equally crucial to solid pharmaceuticals. I stay abreast of the fascinating research on this subject and stay focused on the nurse's role in these debates.

For the last decade, I have given a big piece of myself to the Bay Area’s XXXX organization, volunteering in many areas, from packaging new syringes for SF Aids Foundation to distributing and preparing meals for families with sick children at XXXX Medical Center. I help with childcare for homeless families at the Salvation Army House and prepare meals for homebound patients with Project Open Hand. I also help tutor autistic children at the YMCA. I have recently volunteered as a massage therapist at a cancer clinic for low-income women. My volunteer work has helped provide me with a focus for graduate school: how desperately patients crave touch for healing. Massage is now, by far, the most requested therapy at our clinic. I also do massage for Hospice; one of my clients is 96 years old and getting better.

Thus, I am confident that my massage therapist background will help me excel as an advanced nursing professional.

MSN, Geriatrics, Hospice, Non-Traditional, Travel


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