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Multiracial, Multilingual CRNA, Texas, Bilingual Mandarin, Chinese, Syrian, French

Updated: May 11

A mixture of Chinese, Syrian, and French, and raised in Texas, I am the first generation of my family to be born in America, I am thankful that my mother taught me Chinese alongside of English, since this enhances my capacity as a nurse, and increases the value of the contribution that I hope to make for the balance of my life as a bilingual English/Mandarin CRNA. I day-dream that speaking Mandarin will help me to someday save a life, or lives, especially as I hope to work in a hospital in an area with large numbers of Chinese speakers. I also hope to use my gift of Mandarin by going on medical missions in support of surgeons to areas where this language is spoken.

Texas has always been home, and this is one of the reasons why the University of XXXX at Houston’s Nurse Anesthesia Program is my first choice among Nurse Anesthesia Programs, in addition to the sheer excellence of your program. My time spent in Taiwan, Peru, and Indianapolis, Indiana where I worked as a research assistant, have also been formative experiences. This is especially true of my journey to Taiwan at the age of 16, when I spent the summer with my Taiwanese uncle who is an anesthesiologist, shadowing, learning from him, and bonding with the Chinese side of my family. I also shadowed several Taiwanese CRNAs.

At 17, I spent the summer in Indianapolis, Indiana serving as a volunteer research assistant, helping to establish a standard protocol to isolate and culture cardiac neurons taken from neonatal rats, adult rats and adult mice. I also assisted in developing a prototype of a piezoelectric convertor based on cardiomyoctes cultures for a polydimethylsiloxane membrane. At 22, another formative highlight was going to Peru and presenting at the International Nursing Congress of Maternal and Neonatal Care. I have made only minimal progress so far at learning Spanish but it is one of my goals for the long term as a multilingual CRNA professional.

Already an experienced critical-care nurse, I hope to distinguish myself in the future as a result of my great passion for global health, patient advocacy and holistic healthcare, a CRNA who gives her all every day to nursing. In addition to outstanding performance at the hospital that I serve, I seek constant, ongoing volunteer opportunities and look forward to going on medical missions in support of surgeons, particularly in areas of the world with large numbers of Mandarin speakers, where I can to the greatest good.

My uncle, Dr. XXXX, Chief Anesthesiologist of XXXX Hospital in Taiwan, along with his team of heroic nurse anesthetists, served at the forefront of the battle against a severe outbreak of acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) in 2003, where they had no choice but to treat the SARS patients without proper protective suits and equipment. The team bravely advocated for their patients, innovatively creating their own personal protective equipment, and risking their lives to fulfill their professional duty. These are my own personal and professional heroes and role models and I too seek to give everything for my patients, even in the most complex and unpredictable scenarios. I would be most honored to be selected to complete the Nurse Anesthesia Program at the University of XXXX and I thank you for considering my application.

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