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Nurse Anesthesia Personal Statement Examples, ICU, Travel, Missions

Updated: Aug 11

Probably the most unique aspect of my application to your distinguished and competitive program in Nurse Anesthesia at the University of XXXX is that I was diagnosed with a learning disability as a child. Yet, I graduated from nursing school with honors. I have accomplished this because of my intense love for nursing, which I see flowing naturally from my compassionate nature. At 37, a perfect age for reinvention, I would like first to give my all to your program; once I have completed it and I am a certified professional, CRNA, I want to put my degree to work traveling and seeing the world, devoting as much time as possible to the underserved. In particular, I have my sights set on India and am already investigating possibilities for participation in medical missions to that extraordinary place in great need of nursing care.

I fell in love with the ICU as soon as I started working there since I thrive on responsibility. I began in the ICU at XXXX Hospital in XXXX, La, in 2012. I moved from there to an even bigger ICU in 2013 at XXXX Hospital, where I continue to work in a 23-bed SICU. I also enjoy the diversity I encounter by getting floated from time to time to other ICUs. Completing your program will enable me to achieve my highest dreams, additional responsibility, and the satisfaction of knowing that I am giving the best I can become to my patients as a CRNA. Earning my BSN with honors from XXXX University in May of 2009 (Phi Theta Kappa and Sigma Theta Tau) was a crowning achievement. I am a very hard worker and a non-traditional applicant because I have had to struggle since elementary school with a learning disability that I did not overcome until my first years of college, and only as a result of an enormous amount of hard work.

I see my maturity as an asset; the wisdom that I have gained as a result of personal and professional experiences fills me with the conviction that I can now be successful at doing what I most love, the challenge of making room in one’s life to attend to the underserved. Nothing excites me as much as the idea of using what I will learn in your distinguished program at UXXXX by participating in medical missions to disaster areas or regions that are so poor that people have little to no access to routine surgeries. This is where I hope to make my own most crucial mark in years to come, as a missionary nurse, because this is what most fulfills me.

I feel most at home in the academic world, and I would also love to teach nursing at some point in my career, perhaps abroad. I miss the school environment, and I especially love to talk with new nurses just starting out. In this way, I could help make their paths smoother, helping them avoid some of the pitfalls I encountered to become the best nursing professional possible. In addition to anesthesia, I want to focus my career efforts on education, and I hope to participate in research in this area. Nevertheless, what I love the most about nursing are the personal care I can give my patients in the ICU and spending time with them and their families. I am so blessed that God has chosen this path for me and that I can make a positive difference in so many lives daily.

Thank you for considering my application to your competitive CRNA program.

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