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DNP-A, Male, Peruvian Nurse Anesthesia, Cardiac

Updated: Jan 15

DNP-A, Male, Peruvian Nurse Anesthesia, Cardiac
DNP-A, Male, Peruvian Personal Statement Help

XXXX University’s School of Nurse Anesthesia is my first choice among DNP programs because of your program's sheer excellence and location, which will enable me to give my all to my studies with the full support of my family and professional network. Now turning twenty-five, I came to America from Peru with my family at 4, just in time to make English my first language, alongside Spanish. I have spent the last ten years studying for and building a career in Nursing, and I could not be happier with my career choice. I hope to continue to advance due to being accepted to and completing your program at XXXX. Soon, I will have four years of experience as a registered nurse serving in an ICU. Entirely devoted to lifelong learning, I have worked enormously hard to take advantage of every opportunity presented to advance in nursing; I now hope to give my full attention to the study and practice of Nurse Anesthesia for many decades to come, based on the cutting-edge training that I wish to receive in your DNP-A Program.

My mother is also a nurse and has always been a great inspiration to me, and it is an honor to follow her. Being accepted to your competitive program will be an honor for both. Like my mother, I am determined and give my all to nursing every day because of my nature and professional ethic. We came from a humble family in Peru and faced an uphill battle establishing ourselves in the USA. My father was a pastor with a small bakery. My mother had to temporarily give up her nursing profession to bring my older brother and me to the USA, hoping we would receive better educational opportunities than in Peru. The journey was long and hard but most rewarding since I have received an excellent education in how to serve my community as a health professional.

DNP-A, Male, Peruvian Nurse Anesthesia, Cardiac
DNP-A Nurse Anesthetist Personal Statement

I did not fully mature as an adult, or a student, until my second year of college. My grades rapidly improved in my second year of study for my undergraduate degree in Nursing. After I became certified as a Nursing Assistant, I began working as a CNA on my local hospital’s float pool. I earned the trust and respect of my supervisors and coworkers and soon found department heads vying to hire me once I completed my degree and passed the boards. The ICU manager gave me the position that I most wanted. Most of my experience has been in cardiac critical care, recovering post-op CABGs, and patients with catheterizations.

DNP-A, Male, Peruvian Nurse Anesthesia, Cardiac
DNP-A, Male, Peruvian Nurse Personal Statement Samples

I have what it takes to distinguish myself as a CRNA, determined to excel, hungry for arduous work, and long hours on my feet, all driven by an intense passion for helping my patients make full recovery. Serving as a volunteer in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey was a watershed event in my professional development, mainly because I was asked to serve as a translator for Spanish-speaking victims at one of our sister hospitals. I found myself saving lives and helping to make the injured whole again. I am delighted how the USA, especially the Southwest, is rapidly becoming completely bilingual in English/Spanish. I love using my language in the hospital and enjoy feeling needed. I have shadowed both anesthesiologists and nurse anesthetists. One anesthesiologist took me under his wing and allowed me to log over twenty-five hours observing many procedures. If given the enormous privilege of being accepted to and completing the DNP-A Program at XXXX University, I want to go on to become the nurse that people refer to as the CRNA from Peru, who is always flying off for a couple of weeks in support of medical missions to Spanish-speaking parts of the Americas.

Thank you for considering my application to XXXX University.


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