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MSN Australia, Midwifery, Saudi, Mother of 3 Girls

Updated: Jan 30

This past January 2015, I was awarded a BSN from XXXX University. Before nursing school in Australia, I already had seven years of experience in neonatal care in my native Saudi Arabia. Since May, I have been a Nursing Supervisor at the King Saud Medical Center’s Pediatric Hospital. Thus, I have maintained a conceptual and practical continuity throughout my career, focusing on motherhood and children. I look forward to developing further as a graduate student working towards her Master’s in the Department of Nursing and Midwifery at XXXX University. I have three small children I am raising alone, and all three are begging me to return to Australia because they love it after having lived there for three years already (for them, most of their lives). Their mother is also very much in love with Australia.

I received additional education in I.V. therapy, infection control, neonatal, pediatric mechanical ventilation, toxicology, and nursing perspectives in pediatric nutrition in London before leaving for Australia and essential life support since I returned to Saudi Arabia.

Completing your program represents the ultimate springboard for me to realize my professional dreams to the fullest extent possible since I hope to become a nurse leader in my home country.

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