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Sample Goal Statement for Nurse Anesthesia Program. Writing and Editing Support

Updated: May 11

My first contact with a nurse anesthetist came about when my grandmother had surgery for lung cancer. I accompanied her to the pre-op area and noticed that there was someone in addition to the surgeon and his assistants, she stood at the head of the bed and carefully observed my grandmother. Once the operation was completed, the same person woke my grandmother while gently holding her hand. I enquired and was informed that this person was a nurse anesthetist. I was twenty years old with only vague intentions to spend my life doing some good but my interest was immediately fired.

This led me to deciding upon a nursing career which is a decision that I have never regretted. My interest in the CRNA role has only increased over time and I now feel that my nursing career to date provides the necessary foundation for me acquire the substantial additional skills and knowledge to enable me to fulfill my potential and maximize my usefulness within the profession. Ultimately, I hope to pursue a doctorate and to undertake research and to share my passion by teaching.

I am an RN at the Cardiac Vascular I.T. U. at XXXX Hospital. I work with patients undergoing cardiac bypasses, TAVR, gastrointestinal, oncology/endocrine, gynecological and plastic procedures. I have CCRN accreditation. I believe that I have an exceptional work ethic together with a determination to constantly update my skill-set and knowledge and to extend it where possible. I get on easily with colleagues and collaborate happily and enthusiastically, I am considered to be a good communicator who displays leadership and multi-tasking skills. I have had professional contact with CRNA’s on many occasions and have an excellent understanding of their role. I have also shadowed a CRNA for 26 hours in preparation for this application and attended a Diversity CRNA simulation lab at XXXX University.

I realize that wanting to do something does not, in itself, fit one to do it. I have very carefully considered the characteristics required of a first-class practitioner and the demands of the role. I am aware that the specialty is academically and professionally demanding calling for a commitment to a constant awareness of the many and exciting advances in medications, equipment and techniques. I know that high level communication skills are essential together with an analytical approach to problems and the ability to work swiftly and calmly under pressure and to accept significant autonomy while being an effective cross-disciplinary team member. I know that these characteristics and abilities are rare but would not be applying were I not convinced that I possess them.

I cannot claim ‘stellar’ GPA scores in my undergraduate studies. However I would point out that it was necessary for me to work long hours while studying to finance my studies and to provide some financial assistance to my family. These obstacles are now removed and so I shall be able to apply myself fully to the program and intend to do so with exceptional diligence and enthusiasm in order to excel rather than to merely succeed.

I am applying to XXU because I seek a challenging but supportive academic environment in an institution which is among the leaders in teaching the specialty and I am confident that this will be the case at XXU. I am also aware that XXU provides the most up to date simulation equipment for its students and has pioneered important training initiatives in the field.

To summarize: I am an experienced nurse with significant exposure to the CRNA role by observation and shadowing; I have the characteristics and academic potential to enable me to acquire significant additional skills but, most importantly, I am passionate in my desire to become a highly skilled and devoted specialist for the benefit of many.

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#crna #crnaschool #nurseanesthetist #personalstatement #statementofpurpose #edit #samples