Ukrainian Applicant to CRNA School, 6 years ICU Experience, Nurse Anesthesia

Updated: Jul 20

I have wanted to become a CRNA since my first clinical rotation as a nursing student in the Operating Room in Reno, NV. Most attracted to the autonomy, professional respect, financial stability, and privileges of service that are accorded to the CRNA, I hope very much to be selected to earn my second Master’s Degree in Nurse Anesthesia. My first choice for graduate school is the XXXX School of Anesthesia because of its excellence, multidisciplinary approaches and commitment to addressing the health care needs of marginalized communities.

Growing up in a small town in the Ukraine, I witnessed the hardships endured by poor rural families with most limited access to medical facilities and treatment. As a result, I day dreamed as a child about becoming a health care professional so that I could help people in desperate need. The rural poverty that I witnessed around me as a child and adolescent will always be with me and serves to inspire me to make my professional mark in life by providing anesthesia, especially to rural, isolated, and/or underserved communities.

Caring, compassionate, and fond of hands-on care, I found my calling in nursing. After immigrating to the USA, I earned my Associates Degree in 2007 with a 4.0 GPA, followed by the BSN with High Distinction in 2008 at the University of XXXX. In 2013, I completed my Critical Care Certificate with distinction at XXXX University and in 2015 I earned my MSN in Nursing at XXXX University.

The last 6 years that I have spent as a nurse in ICU nurse have been the finest in my life; and I look forward to many decades to come on the front lines of nursing. At first, I found the ICU to be stressful simply because many patients are terminally ill and often no amount of care will change the outcome. I have learned to accept that, however, and to be content with delivering the best care possible. I crave greater levels of responsibility so that I might be able to maximize my contribution to my profession and my community, fully immersed in patient care, working with multi-disciplinary teams. The doctors in my hospital have expressed strong trust in my assessments and judgment and readily approve my recommendations. This gives me the confidence that I will be able to distinguish myself as I face the rigors of your Nurse Anesthesia Program at XXXX.

My parents always impressed upon me the importance of giving back; so from a very early age I have been involved in outreach by my church especially to nursing homes. I helped feed the residents and quickly learned the importance of taking the time to listen. I learned about life from those who have lived it. I help serve meals to the homeless and distribute school supplies to families in need, as well as attending health expos to distribute wellness information.

I thank you for considering my application to the XXXX School of Nurse Anesthesia.

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