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PMHNP Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner

Psychiatric Mental Health Nursing Personal Statement, MSN, MN, Masters, DNP, PHD Doctorate, Certificate Program, Statement of Purpose Writing and Editing, Letters of Recommendation, Free Professional, Anonymous Samples

DNP, Psychiatric Mental Health Nursing, Military Background


My last 8 years have been spent in the United States Army serving as a Respiratory Therapist. During my time serving my country I abandoned my original course of study in business and earned my BSN because I came to deeply love caring for the ill and wounded, helping them to heal: thus, nursing. Now 32 and a very serious, dedicated, and experienced nurse, I find myself most atttraced to Psychiatric and Mental Health Nursing and now hope to begin studing towards the DNP Degree in my chosen specialization. My central focus will be on the mental health of soliders and veterans, especially PTSD.  I feel strongly that it is my optimal time to excel in graduate school. UXXX is my first choice because I love the diversity of your university and the surrounding area. I have now lived and worked in China, the Philippines, Thailand, Taiwan, Netherlands, Belgium, Spain, France, Switzerland, Italy, Ethiopia, Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi, Tanzania, Zanzibar, Mexico, Peru, and Costa Rica; but California will always be my home. As an ethnic-Chinese who speaks intermediate Spanish and seeks to improve on a daily basis, I feel most at home in San Francisco.

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