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CRNA Nurse Anesthesia, ICU, Travel Nurse

Updated: Jan 24

Since graduating in 2015, a good part of my career has been spent as a Travel Nurse. I am happy I chose this role as it has provided me with an excellent overview of the profession. I have worked in various nursing environments with different patient populations and many medical and nursing specialists. It was always my intention to become a specialist nurse, and those who have most impressed me since I became a nurse have been the Nurse Anesthetists with whom I have worked while providing critical patient care.

I am aware that not every nurse could fill this role which calls for a unique blend of knowledge and skills, many of which are highly technical and intellectually demanding. It calls for a very high level of communication skills. Specialists operate with significant autonomy while working as influential cross-disciplinary team members. I understand that a Nurse Anesthetist must demonstrate an independent and confident attitude to apply their knowledge and skills to maximum effectiveness. I have carefully considered whether or not I have the necessary aptitudes, passion, personal characteristics, and potential, and I am confident that I have.

My goals are to excel in the program, to gain experience in a hospital environment, and, ultimately, to deliver safe and effective pain management in rural communities, such as the one in which I was raised, in which the availability of local medical services of all kinds was minimal. Ideally, I shall work as a traveling nurse anesthetist with an emphasis on such deprived communities.

While at school, I decided to pursue a nursing career, but my closest friends wanted to study business, so I decided to join them. I soon realized that my life goal of making a difference rather than just earning a living would not be satisfied in a business career, so I changed direction and pursued nursing. I have never regretted this decision. I applied to XXXX University because of its high ranking among nursing schools and was delighted to be accepted. My diligence and enthusiasm were rewarded with multiple inclusions on the Dean’s List and a creditable 3.3 average GPA.

It is difficult for a newly qualified nurse to obtain work in an ICU, but that was my immediate goal. My determination was rewarded when I was offered a position in the cardiac ICU at XXXX Hospital, Greensboro, NC. This provides me with early and significant exposure to the use of ventilators, vasoactive drips, Swan Ganz catheters, paralytics, and sedatives. I acquired and developed skills in recognizing and reacting rapidly and flexibly to changes in patient status. Treating seriously ill patients and interacting with their loved ones early in my career has been a privilege and has demonstrated the vital importance of sensitivity, empathy, and courtesy.

I understand that the role calls for cultural awareness and sensitivity. I have happily studied, worked, and socialized with people from many cultural and social backgrounds. I am a friendly and outgoing person with a well-developed sense of humor. I am a keen traveler and have visited Canada, Mexico, Greece, Italy, and Spain. I have a basic knowledge of Spanish and hope to build on this in the future as time permits. I consider it essential that those working in sometimes stressful and emotional situations unwind effectively, and I do so by pursuing outdoor activities and sports.

To summarize: In an admittedly relatively short career, I have been exposed to various conditions, patient types, and nursing environments; I have ICU experience; I am confident that I have the academic potential to excel in the program and my career beyond. However, most importantly, I am genuinely passionate about my wish to become an expert specialist and provide excellent and caring service to patients, especially those with limited access to local medical care.

Thank you for considering my application.

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