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Cuban Applicants to Nursing School Personal Statement of Purpose Examples 

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Now 35, I was born and raised in Cuba and came to Miami in 2001. A very dedicated and hardworking nurse who takes great pride in my ongoing, lifetime cultivation of compassion in Nursing, I seek advancement in my career. I could not be more pleased that there is a particular need for bilingual English/Spanish Family Nurse Practitioners since this is my calling. Read More

I was born to a fisherman in a small rural Cuban town who taught me the value of a true sense of humility and selfless caring for others. It was because of these two unique attributes of my father which came to define him, that inspired him to denounce human rights violations in revolutionary Cuba, for which he ultimately paid a very high price, imprisoned for years by the Communist regime, a prisoner of conscience suffering under brutally inhuman conditions, eventually forced to flee his country in search of freedom. Read More

A Cuban-American woman born and raised in XXXX. My city is the center of my world; thus, it is a natural choice for me to apply to the especially distinguished MSN Program at the University of XXXX. I hope to earn my Master’s Degree in Adult-Gerontology and Acute Care, preparing me for a lifetime of dedicated service as a Nurse Practitioner. Fully bilingual and bicultural, I enjoy nursing practice in both my languages, Spanish and English, and I am delighted that the need is great for bilingual Spanish/English nurses in America and beyond. As a nurse practitioner, I often daydream of going on medical missions to Latin America. I hope to do so for decades to come as Nurse Practitioner - always thinking globally while I treat one patient at a time. Read More

My application to your distinguished Master’s in Nursing Program at the University of XXXX is inspired primarily by my job as an ER nurse at the XXXX Medical Center. I began serving here shortly after finishing my BSN Degree in May 2012. Before that time, I spent more than a year working as an ER Technician. I believe that I have gravitated almost automatically towards service in the area of Emergency Medicine because of my extensive military experience as Hospital Corpsman with the US Navy, to which I gave my all for 6.5 years, from June 2002 through December 8. Serving my country at home and abroad, I was especially pleased to provide medical care to service members and underprivileged people in the area where I was assigned. I hope to distinguish myself in your program as an excellent student and someone who is especially sensitive to and concerned with the needs of the medically underserved. Read More

Cuban Applicants to Nursing School Personal
Cuban Applicants to Nursing School Personal
Cuban Applicants to Nursing School Personal
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