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Haitian Applicants to Nursing School Personal Statement of Purpose  

Haitian American Nurse Personal Statement Samples

A young, black social service professional with a compassionate heart, I find particular joy in caring for underprivileged individuals, I am applying to the accelerated Baccalaureate Nursing (AccBSN) Program at XXXX College to fulfill my dream of becoming a nurse. My parents are from Haiti, and I have always felt part of a minority group that must be determined to struggle to lift ourselves out of poverty. While it has always been the desire of my heart to pursue a career in nursing, having grown up in a family of dedicated and compassionate nurses, I initially studied psychology, a field that has helped to provide me with a firm foundation for understanding people, especially those living through difficult situations. I have matured due to years of professional experience working closely with those in need. While I enjoy my work, I have realized that it is time to fulfill my dream of becoming a nurse. Read More

I hope to contribute to the diversity of your distinguished Doctor of Nurse Anesthesia Practice Program at XXXX University as a Haitian woman; and someone who was groomed almost from infancy for a career in health care. My background also gives me an excellent opportunity to assist some of the neediest people in the world since I am from the most impoverished land in America, Haiti. My father, who has since passed, will always be my foremost role model. A physician, he gave his life to the practice of medicine, mainly with the Maranatha Evangelical Mission, based primarily in our hometown of Gonaives, Haiti. He could not have been happier when I announced my decision to become a nurse. Now, looking down on me from above, I am sure that my father is equally pleased with my dedication to the goal of becoming a CRNA, and graduating with a terminal degree in my field. My family and I continue my father’s mission in Haiti by donating what we can in time and money to Maranatha, helping with health care, an elementary school, and food relief. Read More

A Haitian woman and a very dedicated and hardworking nurse, I am proud to be a native speaker and writer of Haitian Creole and English. I was born and raised on Long Island but am fully bicultural and bilingual. In some fundamental sense, Haiti is my home and New York City. While I have not spent long periods in Haiti, I look forward to participating in medical missions to my land of origin for decades. My language ability has excellent value for coordinating efforts in public health. I am applying to study for the DNP Degree in Nurse Anesthesia at XXXX College to have the opportunity to fully realize my dreams as a nurse for Haiti as well as New York City. Read More

The BSN to DNP Program in Nurse Anesthesia at the University of XXXX is my first choice for graduate study. I am looking forward to a long and fulfilling career as a CRNA, and I see your program as the finest in the State of Florida. Miami is also my home. Both of my parents immigrated to the USA from Haiti. Even though I was born and raised in Miami, I have Haitian roots and feel a special calling to help the underserved residents of Haiti. Read More

Haitian Applicants to Nursing School
Haitian Applicants to Nursing School
Haitian Applicants to Nursing School
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