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Peruvian Applicants to Nursing School Personal Statement of Purpose  

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XXXX University’s School of Nurse Anesthesia is my first choice among DNP programs because of your program's sheer excellence and location, which will enable me to give my all to my studies with the full support of my family and professional network. Now turning 25, I came to America from Peru with my family at 4, just in time to make English my first language, alongside Spanish. I have spent the last ten years studying for and building a career in Nursing, and I could not be happier with my career choice. I hope to continue to advance due to being accepted to and completing your program at XXXX. Soon, I will have four years of experience as a registered nurse serving in an ICU. Entirely devoted to lifelong learning, I have worked enormously hard to take advantage of every opportunity presented to advance in nursing; I now hope to give my full attention to the study and practice of Nurse Anesthesia for many decades to come, based on the cutting-edge training that I wish to receive in your DNP-A Program. Read More

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