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Japanese Applicants to Nursing School Personal Statement of Purpose Samples

Japanese Nurse Personal Statement Editing

As a young Asian woman and nursing professional with a great desire to improve the quality of life of my patients, I am applying to Graduate School for acceptance into your Master's Degree Program in Nursing. I currently reside in Fort Lauderdale. I was born in Japan, and I am a native Japanese speaker. After completing High School, I moved to the United States at 19, where I completed a nine-month course in English as a Second Language. Then I attended XXXX Community College, receiving my associate degree and completing my BSN at XXXX University in 2003. I now hope to be selected for a DNP program in Nurse Anesthesia. Read More

I cannot imagine enjoying my work more than serving as a Crisis/Rapid Response Nurse (RN/RRT). I hope to advance in my career and assume more significant levels of responsibility as a nurse practitioner due to earning my Master’s Degree in Nursing at the University of XXXX and saving lives, keeping patients as comfortable as possible, and studying hard after I complete my shift almost every day. That is how I want to spend my time because I am entirely devoted to lifelong education in nursing. Read More

As an ICU nurse who is Black, white, and Japanese, I thrive on celebrating our increasingly diversified workplace and relating well to people from all backgrounds or walks of life. The operating room is the center of my world because helping my patients as an ICU nurse is my service to my community and humanity. Day after day, preparing patients for surgery, especially during the most challenging recovery days, is fundamental to my professional identity. After nursing and family, I give much of myself to my church, where I serve the Lord as a musician. Read More

Japanese Applicants to Nursing School
Japanese Applicants to Nursing School
Japanese Applicants to Nursing School
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