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Multilingual Asian, DNP, CRNA in Five Languages

Updated: Jan 15

If accepted to your DNP Program in Nurse Anesthesia at the University of XXXX, I will give my all, keenly looking forward to decades to come serving at a vast urban hospital in a large US city, attending to anyone who walks through the door wounded or sick. The largest urban hospitals in America’s biggest cities are all multilingual settings, and this is where I plan to make one of my significant contributions to Nurse Anesthesia. I am already certified at my hospital as bilingual in Mandarin. Doctors and nurses frequently ask me to interpret on their behalf for primary patient care and explain medical procedures to Chinese-speaking patients.

Multilingual Asian, DNP, CRNA in Five Languages
CRNA Statement of Purpose

My mother is Korean, and my father is half-Japanese and half-Chinese. While my Japanese is not as good as my Korean and Chinese, I frequently speak with my grandmother in Japan, at length, and always in Japanese. I also look for occasions to put my skills in Japanese to effective use in the hospital as the opportunity arises. Finally, I am becoming increasingly adept at speaking Spanish. I hear Spanish in my hospital and often introduce myself and join in, provoking smiles with my accent as an Asian woman. When nurses who speak Spanish try to communicate with those for whom it is their first language, it is very much appreciated by the patient, putting them at ease and helping them feel more secure with their care. This is why I always try to do so when the opportunity arises in Spanish and Mandarin, Korean, or Japanese.

Multilingual Asian, DNP, CRNA in Five Languages
CRNA Statement of Purpose Examples

Currently serving in the Cardiac Vascular ICU at XXXX Hospital, I care for patients undergoing cardiac bypasses: TAVR, gastrointestinal, oncology/endocrine, gynecological, and plastic procedures. I am fully dedicated to constant improvement and multitasking; I am always happy and enthusiastic. I like to think that I have leadership potential. I shadowed a CRNA for 26 hours and attended a Diversity CRNA simulation lab. I unwind by riding motorcycles and playing the Koto, the national instrument of Japan.


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