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Ukrainian Applicants to Nursing School Personal Statement of Purpose Samples

Ukrainian Nurse Personal Statement

I look forward to decades to come giving my all to my hospital as a CRNA. My ideal location would be a small or medium-sized hospital in a primarily rural area, as I enjoy the ‘hometown’ feel of smaller hospitals, where one is very much made to feel like a community member. I hope to earn a doctoral degree in Nurse Anesthesia, the terminal degree in my chosen field, and my first choice for doing so is XXXX University. I especially have my heart set on XXXX because of the sheer excellence of your program, its stellar reputation, and its location. Earning my DNP Degree at an especially distinguished institution such as XXXX will help me realize my long-term goal of teaching Nurse Anesthesia, perhaps in Russian or Ukrainian. I am also fluent in Polish. Read More

ukrainian nurse personal statement
Ukrainian Nurse Personal Statement Help
Ukrainian Nurse Personal Purpose Statement
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