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Chinese Applicants to Nursing School Personal Statement of Purpose Examples 

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I ask for admission to your DNP Program at XXXX University because it brings me great delight to provide culturally sensitive patient care. This is especially true with Asian and, most notably, Chinese patients since I am a bilingual Chinese speaker of Cantonese and Mandarin. Read More 

My core value is equality. This comes easily because I am Chinese and raised to think socially rather than individually, think, speak, and act for the common rather than individual goods. I see my natural mildness, modesty, and lack of egoistic self-assertiveness as a great value in nursing, always staying calm and never getting one’s feathers ruffled. I seldom get angry, as I do not see anger as a valuable or productive emotion, at least from my own experience, especially as a nurse. Read More 

I have been serving as a nurse at XXXX Hospital since 2012 and as a critical care nurse since February 2014 – learning everything I can from the CRNAs. XXXX University is my first choice among CRNA programs because it is only 50 miles from where I live. I look forward to continuing to live and work where I might best perform, with the support of my current network of friends and family. I also appreciate the length and structure of your 36-month DNP CRNA program and how it is divided into two sections, with the second part involving clinical rotations. Some of the CRNAs I have met at our hospital have graduated from XXXX and could not speak more highly of the rigors of your program. I feel strongly that I am up to the challenge. Read More 

Born and raised in Manila, the Philippines, I am a young man and a nurse who is three-quarters Filipino and one-quarter Chinese. One of four siblings, I grew up in a tiny, humble home in one of the most impoverished slums in Manila, far from the city lights. We were happy even though 15 people shared our house throughout my childhood. Despite losing my mother to America, I was blissfully unaware of any disadvantage of my social class. One day when I was six, I woke up to find my mother and all her things gone. She could not bear to say goodbye to me because she knew it would be long before she would see me again. A decade would pass before we would be reunited in Pasadena, California. Read More 

Seven years ago, I moved to America from China at 15. Thus, my adulthood has been taken up by becoming a Chinese American rather than simply Chinese and becoming a mother. Now, I want very much to become a nurse. Read More

When I came to America with my husband fifteen years ago, it culminated in a long journey. I was born and raised in Shanghai before the economic boom took hold in China -when healthcare outside the large cities was rudimentary. I had always believed that nursing was my vocation from my earliest recollection. I was fortunate that I could pursue this dream, receiving my BSN from Shanghai Medical University and my MSN from the University of XXXX for Medical Science in 1999. Read More

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