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Updated: Jul 16

When I came to America with my husband fifteen years ago, it was the culmination of a long journey. I had been born and raised in Shanghai in the period before the economic boom really took hold in China, when healthcare outside the large cities was rudimentary at best. From my earliest recollection I had always believed that nursing was my vocation and I was fortunate in that I have been able to pursue this dream, receiving my BSN from Shanghai Medical University and my MSN from the University of XXXX for Medical Science in 1999.

My major at university was acute care nurse practitioner and I have gained considerable practical experience both as a RN in a hospital and as an acute care nurse practitioner in a doctor’s practice and a cardiologist’s office. While heavily involved in the practical side of nursing I have also discovered a great love for teaching. I have acted as mentor to many of my nursing staff and I am currently responsible for nursing education in the definitive observation unit at my present place of employment. The ability to be able to pass on my own experiences to those just starting out on their career is a very important part of my role as a nurse and one which I want to develop to its fullest potential.

I believe that I have reached a stage now in my professional life that I am ready to follow my career to the next level and that is why I am applying to the DNP course at XXXX. The changes that have been taking place in the medical field over the last decade or so have made it absolutely vital for all practitioners, doctors and nurses alike, to ensure that they are utilising these developments to their maximum potential. Technology and the use of data driven communications have changed the way in which medical professionals are able to communicate with one another and the XXXX program has recognised the importance of this and is focused on preparing nursing staff to be able to function efficiently in this evolving environment. I believe that this is a very important career move for me personally as it will equip me to tackle a more complex nursing environment and leave me better prepared to face the challenges that lie ahead.

My enthusiasm for the University of XXXX is not simply because I want to become a highly qualified nurse. The course is also directed at nurses who are looking to take on a more progressive leadership role within their own professional practice which is exactly what I want for my future career. My ultimate goal is to be leading health care teams to the third world, bringing not only much needed succour and relief, but just as importantly, education and confidence that improvements in healthcare for the underprivileged are truly possible. I already do a great deal of volunteer work both through my church and by teaching basic health education at elementary school level.

The DNP program at XXXX is an opportunity that has presented itself at the perfect moment in my career. It offers me the chance to take a great step forward on the road to achieving my ultimate goals and to this end I am determined to dedicate all the time and effort that I need to ensure that I am successful. Thank you so much for taking my application into consideration.

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